Best of Club Volleyball: Blocking

Best of Club Volleyball: Blocking
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Learn all things blocking - from the actual block, to players transition to hitting and then back to defense again!

  • Train your blockers through a progression that breaks down different parts of blocking and re-enforces the details of the skill
  • Learn different team drills that focus on swing blocking the attacks
  • See how to use your setters to better prepare your blockers for game-like situations

with Brian Rosen,
Carolina Juniors Volleyball Club Assistant Director and Coach;
Davidson College Assistant Coach;
former Charlotte County Day School Head Coach, Back-to-Back NCISAA 3A State Champions

Brian Rosen has compiled a comprehensive tool for training your players the skill of blocking. Everything you need to know to teach your blockers is in this video, from footwork, to transitioning from blocking to offense, and back to defense again.

The overall emphasis of the video is to teach blockers not just the proper footwork and movements, but how to read and react to the offense and how to communicate with the other blockers to become an effective defense. Rosen breaks down the fundamentals in blocking and covers hand position, efficient footwork, and how to effectively press the block. He also talks about how to read the offense so the blockers can become more effective on the net.

Zero-Step Blocking

In the first portion of the video, the emphasis is on training the basic blocking position where the player is already in position to block and doesn't need to make any footwork moves. With footwork out of the equation, the focus is to have the proper hand position, learn to jump and press the block, and learn how to take up space on the net.

One-Step Blocking

Rosen builds on the skills learned in the first part of the video by adding footwork to the mix. He teaches the step (or shuffle) footwork used for some blocking situations. This section also includes many drills that will enable players to get multiple reps so they can learn the skills faster.

Swing Blocking

Coach Rosen spends most of the video on the skill of swing blocking and reading the offense. You will learn the footwork, arm movements, and communication that goes into swing blocking so you can effectively teach your team this skill.

Blocking Drills

Drills in this video include:

  • Warm-Up Progressions - Rosen goes over a number of warm-up drills with and without the ball to both warm-up and teach footwork, hand position and pressing the block while staying out of the net. These include partner drills as well as full team and shadow drills.
  • Perfect Blocking Drill - This is one of Coach Rosen's favorite drills and it stresses the importance of a perfect block. Since the drill's only focus is the block, you can only score with a perfect block. This pressures the blockers to read, communicate and then close the block, all in a fast-paced, game-like situation. There are many progressions to this drill so you can focus on different aspects of your defense depending on where you need the most work.
  • See the Ball / See the Hitter - Similar to the 'Perfect Blocking Drill,' this drill is game-like, but the focus is on teaching the blockers to watch the opponent's pass and determine if it's on or off. Once that decision is made, players need to turn their attention to the hitters and make the proper read.

Coach Rosen offers us his views on what it takes to become an exceptional blocker. Whether your players are beginners or have been playing for years, they will certainly benefit from the philosophies & drills presented in this video.

81 minutes. 2017.

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