Best of Club Swimming: Technical Progressions for Successful Butterfly

Best of Club Swimming: Technical Progressions for Successful Butterfly
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Learn Kevin Zacher's drill progression for a dominant butterfly stroke!

  • Get a variety of drills to improve the start, underwater kicks to the breakout, turn, and mechanics of the stroke
  • Learn to swim an efficient butterfly by breaking down each piece of the stroke, including kick, body line, catch, and timing
  • Discover how to emphasize a low and forward movement for maximum efficiency

with Kevin Zacher,
Scottsdale Aquatic Club Head Coach;
American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 5 certified coach;
ASCA Arizona Coach of the Year (2007, 2014, 2016)

Kevin Zacher guides you through the technical building blocks for success in the butterfly stroke. With in-water demonstrations performed by two Senior Level swimmers, you'll see efficient, well-designed progressions that reflect a fast and powerful butterfly.

For many, the butterfly is thought of as a power stroke that requires a lot of muscle to be able to swim well. But in reality, it's a rhythm stroke that requires a good body line with slight undulation that connects the catch of the arms to allow the energy to flow out the feet. It's swimming's most beautiful stroke!

Butterfly Stroke Progression

Using a multitude of drills, Coach Zacher puts the emphasis on staying low and driving forward. He encourages swimmers to eliminate any action that doesn't contribute to creating energy for forward movement. Zacher continually emphasizes the importance of focusing on driving the body forward, not up or down.

You will see the demonstrators go through progressions of each piece of the stroke using creative ways to emphasize good technique, such as:

  • 1 Pull 4 Kicks: For feeling the rhythm of the kick and lengthening the stroke into an efficient body line.
  • Butterfly Pull w/ Flutter Kick: Focuses on a flatter stroke and sending energy forward.
  • The use of stretch cords on deck to get the feel of the catch, then transition to the water to transfer the feeling to the water.
  • Underwater body undulations at different speeds and amplitudes to help the swimmer discover which is most efficient for their personal stroke.
  • Transitioning from underwater kicks to a fast and powerful breakout.

Starts and Turns

For the butterfly start, the objective is to get into the water with as much speed as possible, carry that speed into the underwater kicks, and transfer to the breakout. Coach Zacher explains the set-up position and the take off from the block.

For the turn segment, Zacher emphasizes the importance of getting to the wall after completing a full stroke so the body is in full extension and at maximum speed in order to perform the quickest turn. He includes a complete progression that will benefit all swimmers.

Coach Zacher uses his skills as a masterful communicator in explaining each drill/skill and their purpose. During this video, you'll hear him speak to the swimmers in order to get their feedback, providing a comprehensive perspective of what the swimmer experiences as well.

48 minutes. 2018.

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