Best of Championship Productions: 60 Drills for Butterfly Swimming

Best of Championship Productions: 60 Drills for Butterfly Swimming
Best of Championship Productions: 60 Drills for Butterfly Swimming
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Product Description

A comprehensive compilation of butterfly drills from the Championship Productions library that will benefit swimmers of all skill levels!

  • Get full stroke progression drills that will encourage proper stroke technique for each phase of butterfly
  • Teach swimmers to send energy forward, instead of up and down, to create constant forward momentum
  • Build powerful pullouts and breakouts to carry as much speed as possible off starts and turns


  • Richard Quick, former Head Coach at Texas (W), Auburn (M/W) and Stanford (W) Universities; 3x Olympic Coach; 12 NCAA Team Championships, 5x NCAA Coach of the Year
  • David Marsh, Head Coach, SwimMAC Carolina; 2016 USA Women's Olympic Team Head Coach, 12x NCAA Championship and 8x NCAA Coach of the Year (Auburn), 3x USA Men's Olympic Team Assistant
  • Frank Busch, USA Swimming National Team Director; 2x U.S. Olympic Swim Coach, former University of Arizona Head Coach; 2x NCAA Championship Coach; 6x National Coach of the Year; member of the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Hall of Fame (2008)
  • Ian Pope, Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club Head Coach, Olympic and National Team Coach for Australia; has coached a Gold Medalist in 6 consecutive World Championships ('98 to '09)
  • Bill Dorenkott, Ohio State's Women's Head Swimming Coach; has coached 28 student-athletes to 34 Big Ten individual championships
  • Bill Wadley, Head Coach for Ohio State's men's swim team, 2010 Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year
  • Coley Stickels, University of Alabama Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach; was USA National Team Coach; former Head Coach of Canyons Aquatic Club
  • Matt Kredich, University of Tennessee Head Coach; 2x SEC Women's Coach of the Year, 4x Ivy League Coach of the Year
  • Eddie Reese, University of Texas Head Men's Swimming Coach; 2018 NCAA Champions; 3x Olympic Head Coach, 14 NCAA Championships, 8x NCAA Coach of the Year; member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame
  • Rich DeSelm, University of North Carolina Head Coach; 2014 U.S. Swimming National Team Coach; 2011 World University Games Head Coach

Butterfly can be a difficult stroke to master and a taxing stroke to swim. However, once swimmers develop the timing and rhythm, it can become a favorite stroke. This comprehensive collection of over 60 drills by top swimming coaches will give you everything you need to help young swimmers learn to love butterfly and elite swimmers maximize their speed with less fatigue.

Beginning with the importance of the balance that keeps one on top of the water, to the kick and the importance of a proper catch, each coach gives great drills detailing every portion of the butterfly. This collection will give you everything you need to:

  • Correct persistent butterfly flaws
  • Develop efficient and sustainable speed in your butterfliers
  • Build comfort and confidence in butterfly for all your swimmers
  • Design butterfly sets with variety and challenge all season long

Body Line

Teach your swimmers the ideal butterfly body line and train their core to sustain it for a more efficient and effortless stroke. You'll see drills that:

  • Correct up and down motions that do not translate to forward momentum
  • Correct breathing flaws that may disrupt timing or ideal body position

Balance is one of the most important aspects of any swim stroke. A head riding too high or hips dragging in the water can create drag. You'll learn that balance drills don't always have to be done flat on the water. The Vertical Fly Kick drill off the bottom of the pool teaches posture and balance.

Timing and Rhythm

In this section, you'll learn timing drills that will encourage proper rhythm in butterfly for a stronger and smoother swim. You'll also see how to improve engagement of the posterior core muscle groups for a more balanced and powerful stroke that is more injury-resistant. Drills are shown that set a strong catch that anchors the front of the stroke so that the swimmer can vault their hips forward

Build a strong, steady and balanced core-driven kick that is crucial for good timing and rhythm. Eddie Reese and the other coaches created 13 different kick drills that emphasize the im

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