Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls

Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls
Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls
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with Ben Peterson,
3X Olympian, '72 Gold Medallist & '76 Silver Medallist, 2X NCAA Champion at Iowa State

One name is synonymous with rolls - Peterson. Three-time Olympian Ben Peterson takes you through an in-depth demonstration of his favorite move - the roll - from four different levels (flat on the mat, from the base, a half standup and from the feet). Peterson begins with instruction on the basic core position of the roll, concentrating on a solid base and wrist control. He then takes you through nine different rolls, including the famous "Peterson Roll," named after him. Peterson also shows set-ups that can be used to effectively hit these rolls. This tape also contains tips on how to "fix a broken role," defense, and other combinations to use off the role. These are proven ideas that will add another option to your wrestler's arsenal.

52 minutes. 2001.

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