Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Skills for the Upper Weights

Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Skills for the Upper Weights
Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Skills for the Upper Weights
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Product Description

  • Detailed instruction dedicated for upper weights
  • See two essential moves that will get you to your feet
  • Get options to score from a collar tie
  • 2 hours of instruction for only $49.99!
with Hudson Taylor,
3x All American wrestler at the University of Maryland; 2x ACC Wrestler of the Year;
Columbia University Assistant Coach;
tied for fifth all-time in NCAA D-I history in career pins (87)

Three-time All American Hudson Taylor gives you everything you need to know to become a successful wrestler in the upper weights. Taylor packs this DVD with his favorite offense, defense, riding and escapes techniques. The same techniques he used to become Maryland's first ever three-time All-American and its all-time winningest wrestler.

Each section of this DVD is filled with detailed technique and interspersed with drills and philosophy to make you a better wrestler.

From the feet, Taylor demonstrates how to create offense by getting past your opponent's head and hands and work on beating the forearms and hips. He focuses most of his instruction on scoring from an opponent's collar tie - the most common position for upper weights on their feet.

Taylor delivers eight scoring options from the collar tie including a deceptive duck under.These techniques are low risk, high percentage moves that rely on a push-pull technique to get your opponent moving in the direction you want.

Taylor covers all lines of defense - head, hands, forearms and hips including:

  • Down block and cross block - See how to get comfortable using both hands
  • Hips - Use hip pressure to take away your opponent's strength
  • Crack down - Learn to use your arms to get squared up with your opponent
  • Front head lock on the mat - See two styles to finish from of a front head lock

Get numerous ways to control the bottom and work your offense. Get tips to win the start every time, and learn three high percentage breakdowns.

  • Chop - Learn techniques to increase the odds of an effective breakdown
  • Spiral - An effective breakdown for beating a guy inside. Get important details on how to control your opponent's hips and keep your weight on his upper body and tips for getting your opponent's weight forward making it easier to break him flat.
  • Ankle - Learn the near ankle breakdown and what to do if you miss or he beats you with a stand-up.

Once you get him flat, Taylor demonstrates three ways to turn your opponent for back points.

Increase your odds for escaping with two essential techniques - the change over and the knee slide. These techniques take the angle away from the top wrestler, and put him behind you, which limits his options. See how to defend the chop, spiral, and ankle rides. Taylor also demonstrates a roll that he calls "unstoppable." He includes drills to develop muscle memory to make these escape techniques second nature.This DVD provides the critical skills and know-how you need to thrive at the upper weights.

128 minutes. 2011.

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