Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Backstroke

Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Backstroke
Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Backstroke
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Product Description

  • Learn how to swim the backstroke on the side
  • Develop faster ram speed and tempo with these innovative backstroke drills
  • See common errors and corrections for the backstroke
with Richard Quick,
former Auburn University Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach;
former Stanford University Head Women's Swimming Coach,
12 NCAA Team Championships, 5X NCAA "Coach of the Year"

Coach Richard Quick believes that the first essential for any successful backstroker is to establish a sound understanding and feel for the proper body position in the water. Beginning his presentation with a review of posture, line and balance essentials, Quick "builds" the backstroke from the inside out sharing innovative drills and technique tips for proper hand placement, underwater pull and recovery. Throughout these drills, Quick repeatedly stresses the importance of swimming the backstroke on the side and driving the stroke from the hips. Emphasizing a "tight, fast, electric kick", Quick and his young swimmers demonstrate each drill and how easily you can incorporate them into your program. Quick also shares common stroke faults and provides invaluable tips to assure proper stroke mechanics.

49 minutes. 2006.

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