Becoming a Champion Offensive Lineman

Becoming a Champion Offensive Lineman
Becoming a Champion Offensive Lineman
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Product Description

  • Become a offensive lineman by using these power run game fundamentals
  • Shorten your learning curve with a detailed step-by-step drill progression
  • Improve form and technique by watching on-field demonstrations
with Ed Thomas,
former Aplington-Parkersburg HS (IA) Head Coach,
2x State Champions;
Recipient of the NFL's 2006 "High School Coach-of-the-Year" Award.
Four Thomas-coached linemen have had NFL careers including Casey Wiegmann, Jared DeVries, Aaron Kampman and Brad Meester.

Make the blocks your team needs to move the ball!

Legendary high school coach Ed Thomas takes you through a detailed progression on power run blocking hitting on all of the key coaching points and drills you need to become your best.

This video demonstrates everything from stance fundamentals to getting off the ball to delivering a blow. But it doesn't stop there.

You will also learn:

  • how to sustain your block
  • how to drive the defender out of the play
  • how to clear the defensive line to block a linebacker

Learn drills you need to improve explosion through the block using quick feet and always staying in the proper position.

Discover how to transfer this effective blocking technique into game situations like:

  • double teams
  • base blocks
  • trap blocks
  • second level blocks

Thomas takes you through his teaching progression using bags, shields, boards, and shoots.

As a coach, this O-line DVD will help you teach aiming points, footwork, and the importance of taking each progression step by step, so your athletes understand the concepts and exactly how to execute them.

The progressions and teaching points can be used to teach run blocking in any offense.

Take the field this season with renewed confidence in your run blocking.

75 minutes. 2006.

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