Becoming a Champion: Off Season Strength & Conditioning for Volleyball

Becoming a Champion: Off Season Strength & Conditioning for Volleyball
Becoming a Champion: Off Season Strength & Conditioning for Volleyball
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Product Description

  • Learn how to perform a neurological warm-up that will quicken your feet while preparing your body for activity
  • Stay in the game all season long with injury prevention exercises for the upper and lower body
  • Get beginning and advanced level plyometric exercises to develop volleyball-specific strength
  • Tim McClellan has trained Gold Medalists, professional athletes, and NCAA All-Americans for over 20 years
with Tim McClellan (M.S., C.S.C.S.); strength and conditioning coach;
former Arizona State University Strength Coach, coached over 200 NCAA All-Americans, (who combined have won over 500 All American Awards), Olympic Gold Medalists in over a dozen events, and professionals in eight different sports

In a landscape that is densely populated with training ideas, techniques and programs, Tim McClellan provides essential exercises and drills for athletes who want to take their volleyball game to next level during the off-season.

McClellan shares his vast knowledge of power and strength training in this versatile video that athletes and coaches of all skill levels will find extremely useful. He starts with the warm-up, which covers not only exercises to warm up muscles and loosen joints, but also includes training that will activate the nervous system to prepare your body for action. Mobilities (active stretching) are demonstrated as an improvement over static stretching.

McClellan reminds us that the goal of every strengthening program should be to prevent injury. The video covers many different injury prevention exercises using a wide variety of easily acquired tools. The two main parts of the injury prevention focuses on the shoulder area and the lower body, specifically the ACL. Since the sport of volleyball is plyometric in nature, several different plyo exercises are presented, both low level and high level.

In addition to covering all the major muscle groups, sport- and position-specific training is also covered. Athletes looking to improve their attacking, blocking, setting, or defensive skills will not be disappointed. With more than 50 different exercises, this well-rounded video will have all levels of athletes prepared to hit the court.

McClellan uses volleyball players from different levels and varying positions to explain and demonstrate how to execute each drill and exercise, while discussing the importance of each step of the program from warm-up to cool down. He explains how to use many of the tools and apparatuses you see in many of today's gyms. This includes, but is not limited to, agility ladders, free weights, jump boxes, mini hurdles, surgical tubing (for resistance training) and more.

This video will benefit both the coach looking for exercises and drills related to off-season strength and conditioning and the player who may be looking to prevent injury and strengthen their body for the upcoming season.

Often coaches, from novices to experts, search the sea of information looking for proper conditioning drills and exercises. This DVD proves to be an invaluable source of many fundamental drills and exercises that will help prevent injury while increasing the strength and power of the female volleyball athlete. Don't train without it!

49 minutes. 2012.

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