Becoming a Champion: Long Jump for Girls' Track & Field

Becoming a Champion: Long Jump for Girls' Track & Field
Becoming a Champion: Long Jump for Girls' Track & Field
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Product Description

  • Discover easy-to-use drills you can use to create repetitive and consistent approaches that put you in prime take-off position at the board
  • Create the correct positioning and mechanics for the penultimate step and take-off with customizable box drills
  • Learn safe, effective landing techniques to maximize your jumping distance
  • Utilize a series plyometric drills to create strength and jumping power
with Heidi Yost, Wichita State University;
won five individual MVC jump titles as an athlete at WSU

Become a stronger jumper from the runway to landing in the pit!

Develop your long jump in a clear and logical fashion. Coach Yost, (a successful jump athlete herself) begins with a clear presentation of those qualities that are needed to be a successful long jumper, then moves on to teach how to develop those qualities.

Coach Yost, along with Wichita State University Heptathlon Champion Tanya Friesen, demonstrate the drills that are needed to develop speed, power, and explosiveness in the long jump. Yost and Friesen present a step-by-step progression of the series of drills needed in each phase of the long jump: warm-up drills, sprint mechanics drills, build-up drills, sprinting drills, approach drills, take-off drills, and landing drills.

Keeping with her philosophy that a long jumper must be a sprinter first, Coach Yost shares a wide variety of drills to teach speed, power and explosiveness. Yost and her athletes demonstrate a clear and logical method to develop a consistent run-way approach. Eight different drills are demonstrated to teach a proper take-off and landing, along with short approach methods to teach the whole long jump action.

You will also see a series of plyometric and medicine ball drills that will help athletes grow their strength and jumping power. Hip mobility drills are also addressed to develop stride length, flexibility and injury prevention.

Besides demonstrating the correct method of executing these drills, Coach Yost also shows common errors made by young athletes when these drills are introduced and how to correct these errors.

Coach Yost provides you with essential techniques and drills that will help you reach new distances this season!

44 minutes. 2013.

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