Becoming a Champion: High Jump for Girls' Track & Field

Becoming a Champion: High Jump for Girls' Track & Field
Becoming a Champion: High Jump for Girls' Track & Field
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Product Description

  • Learn the hows and whys to becoming a better high jumper
  • Teach and develop drills for both experienced and beginning high jumpers
  • See take off techniques for both single- and double-arm jumpers
  • Drills and techniques in this video are demonstrated by both a beginning and a veteran jumper
with Karen Gaita, East Stroudsburg State University Assistant Coach;
1991 NCAA DII High Jump Champion and 4x All American at East Stroudsburg

Using a very detailed approach and easy to understand style, Karen Gaita shows you how to teach the high jump and how to develop a total high jump program! Coach Gaita, an All-American high jumper at East Stroudsburg, takes the high jump from a basic beginner level to high level, elite jumper workouts and ideas that are so valuable to champion high jumpers.

A unique aspect of this video is the fact that Coach Gaita has both a beginning jumper and veteran championship jumper demonstrating all aspects of the high jump and workouts. This allows you not only to see the drills and jumps executed correctly, but also allows you to see coaching points to emphasize with talented but young jumpers.

Beginning with a breakdown of the components of successful high jumping, Coach Gaita explains how and where to look for possible high jumpers on your team. She introduces warm-up drills that are both general and specific for high jumpers before breaking down the high jump in a detailed, drill approach to learning:

  • The approach - Learn how to develop consistency in the most important phase of the high jump.
  • The transition & set up - Run the curve with high knees and maintain good body posture into the penultimate step for perfect take off position.
  • The takeoff - See a number of drills that teach body position and arm-drive for both single and double arm jumpers. Application of take-off concepts are combined in both short and full approach drills and jumps.
  • The flight & landing - Create a short body and awareness in the air to get the most from your jump.
Within each topic you will receive a detailed explanation of what to do and why you should do it. Having the ability to watch both a seasoned veteran athlete, along with a first time high school freshman will provide insight as to what to look for in your athletes.

As a bonus Gaita gives you practice alternatives, the components of training and training drills to round out a well-rounded approach in teaching the high jump.

Having the skills necessary to complete a successful jump starts with the implementing all the skills taught in this video. This video is a must for any athlete or coach wishing to take their jumping to the next level.

95 minutes. 2013.

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