Becoming a Champion: Glide & Spin Shot Put for Girls' Track & Field

Becoming a Champion: Glide & Spin Shot Put for Girls' Track & Field
Becoming a Champion: Glide & Spin Shot Put for Girls' Track & Field
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Product Description

  • 40+ simple and effective drills for the glide and spin shot put
  • Learn a basic warm-up routine created especially for throwers
  • Discover drills specifically designed to develop an explosive release
  • Increase your strength, speed and power
Erin Wibbels, Guatemala National Team Coach (throwers);
former Assistant Coach at the University of Mississippi; 4x qualifier for the NCAA Outdoor Championships at Nebraska and a 2000 Olympic Trials participant

Coach Erin Wibbels shares her All-American-producing program for developing rotational and glide shot putters. Coach Wibbels discusses and demonstrates the critical training drills and progressions that highlight the secret behind a successful throw. She demonstrates over 40 drills and medicine ball exercises that will help the young athlete develop the consistency that is needed for this technical event.

Loosen up your legs, hips, and shoulders with dynamic and static warm-up drills that are geared specifically for the weight throws. You will then be taken into the ring and shown a set of warm-up drills using the shot itself.

Wibbles demonstrates an easy approach to teach the shot put using a fundamental, proven system. Wibbels teaches from the ground-up:

  • How to Hold the Shot Put
  • Basics of the Glide
  • Basics of the Spin
  • The Secrets Behind the Stand Throw
Wibbels concentrates on proper body mechanics and positioning. She introduces drills to help with foot work and posture, and using the toe-knee-hip concept, Wibbels offers coaching points and various camera angles to show what to look for when coaching your athletes.

Develop proper footwork starting from the front of the ring and moving backward. Offering variations of the Wheel Drill, the Knee-Up Drill and the South African drill, Coach Wibbels uses clear and concise coaching points and language to make clear what you should be doing with each step to maximize your throw.

Medicine Ball Drills
Discover shot put-specific medicine ball drills to develop quickness, strength and core body strength. These drills are appropriate for athletes at all levels of development.

Throughout the video you will be shown how to do the drill, what to look for as a coach, and ways to correct the most common mistakes beginning throwers make. Keeping the weight over the back foot, screwing up the leg to build upward motion, and remembering to "crush the spider" are just of few of the many things taught in this video.

From the beginning of the warm-up to the final medicineball drill, you will see everything you need to know to start someone out in one of track & field's power events - the shot put.

39 minutes. 2013.

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