Be a Wall Back There: Blocking & Receiving Drills

Be a Wall Back There: Blocking & Receiving Drills
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Defend the plate and master the details of the catching position!

  • Learn how to give signs to pitchers without getting them stolen
  • See how to block and recover tough balls in the dirt to prevent giving up free bases
  • Get your pitchers more strike calls on borderline pitches with framing techniques
with Tyler Simmons,
UNC Charlotte Volunteer Assistant Coach/Catching Coordinator;
played college ball at Wingate University

The catching position is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, positions on the field. Catchers must be proficient at a wide variety of skills in order to make a positive impact and avoid making critical mistakes. With this video, you'll get an inside look at the catching position from Tyler Simmons as he gives you multiple stances that catchers need in their arsenal, as well as blocking and receiving skills and drills.


Catchers must have a variety of stances depending on the game situation to allow them to block or throw the ball quickly. You'll see all the stances that Simmons teachers his players, including the sign giving stance, primary stance, and secondary stances. Additionally, Simmons explains how and when to use each of them.

Blocking Mechanics and Drills

Prevent baserunners from advancing by smothering balls in the dirt and recovering quickly. A catcher who blocks well will earn confidence from pitchers, because blocking skills allow hurlers to work low in the zone with no fear of bouncing a ball in the dirt. Coach Simmons explains and demonstrates proper blocking mechanics, then offers four drills to help master those mechanics.

Receiving Mechanics and Drills

Catchers who receive well will get more called strikes. Simmons shows the art of deciding to let a breaking ball travel or go out and get it, depending on its height. In the Walk-up Drill, catchers receive three pitches from behind the plate, move up and catch three more, then move up again to receive three more pitches. This simulates speed changes and help your catcher track the ball with their eyes.

This video will teach you several mechanics critical for catchers to master and 11 drills to help your players become proficient at blocking and receiving. Coach Simmons showcases every nuance you need to be great at coaching players behind the dish!

53 minutes. 2018.

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