Baseline Field Hockey - Strategies for Penetrating the Offensive Circle

Baseline Field Hockey - Strategies for Penetrating the Offensive Circle
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Master the baseline attack to help your team put more points on the board!

  • Increase shots on goal and offensive corners by pulling defenders out of position
  • Get more opportunities for close-to-cage rebound and deflection goals
  • Improve passing and cutting by always moving to find the baseline pass

with Leslie LaFronz,
Kean University Head Coach;
2016 and 2017 NJAC Coach of the Year;
19 regular season wings, top seed in the NJAC Tournament and first-ever bid to the NCAA Tournament in 2017

In this video, Kean University head coach Leslie LaFronz explains the main goals of a baseline attack and why this strategy can be so successful. LaFronz shows how the baseline attack strategy works by using crisp "in and out" passing to lure defenders out of position.

You'll teach your attackers to focus on quality passing and well-timed cuts to get the ball to the baseline in order to flatten the defense and create shooting opportunities at the top of the circle. Statistics show this is the area where most goals originate. LaFronz explains that shooting gate strikers aiming for the opposite post have the greatest amount of open area in goal, and teammates have more time to get in position for deflections and rebounds.

Baseline Attack Drill Progressions

Defensive players are taught to defend traditional offenses that attack down the center. Coach LaFronz gives a detailed chalk talk about baseline attacking which exploit this inherent defensive weakness and lead to more passing lanes and scoring opportunities.

You'll see four attack drill progressions:

Baseline Attack 4 v 0

  • Establishes workable cutting and passing patterns
  • Improves timing of passes and cuts
  • Enhances success on the baseline by using correct positioning to receive the ball

Baseline Attack 4v2

  • Improves "in and out" passing with more pressure on the ball
  • Succeeds in finding the open passing lanes to the shooting gate area
  • Refines passing patterns and the timing of passes and cuts

Baseline Attack 4v3

  • Improves communication (verbal and nonverbal) when facing greater defensive pressure
  • Increases the effectiveness of baseline cuts by focusing on receiving the ball within the circle
  • Enhances confidence and composure as players learn to be patient and "not force a play"

Baseline Attack 8v5

  • Creates more scoring opportunities by transferring the ball to the opposite side when no shot is available
  • Enhances awareness of player positioning and how it positively or negatively impacts scoring
  • Improves decision making under pressure to take advantage of unexpected open lanes to goal

Coach LaFronz explains the baseline attack, shares useful statistics that support the baseline attack strategy and then teaches you what to do based on how the defense reacts - a great resource for coaches at all levels!

49 minutes. 2018.

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