Baseball Drills for Confined Spaces

Baseball Drills for Confined Spaces
Baseball Drills for Confined Spaces
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Product Description

  • Discover over 20 baseball drills you can use when space is limited
  • Learn drills for improving hitting, pitching, catching, infield and agility
  • These drills can be used for baseball or softball players
with Matt Walbeck,
former Rome Braves (Class A affiliate for the Atlanta Braves) manager;
former Altoona Curve (AA) Manager (Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate), 2010 Eastern League Champs;
Baseball America's 2007 Minor League Manager of the Year,
former MLB catcher
Guest appearance from former MLB Pitcher Jason Sekany

No space? No problem! If you are like most baseball coaches and parents, you struggle to fill your non-practice time with fundamental drills that will bring out the best in your ball player. Minor League Manager of the Year Matt Walbeck demonstrates more than 20 baseball drills that can be performed with minimal space, indoors or outdoors, to help your young athletes become better baseball players.

Agility Drills - These ladder drills will improve your first-step quickness and agility for attacking the baseball in the field or taking an extra base on the base paths.

Pitching Exercises & Drills - Former major league pitcher Jason Sekany takes you through key pitching drills that will develop proper pitching mechanics. He breaks down five key components to remember while instructing a youngster, bringing each drill back to these five components. These drills will allow your athlete to find his set-up position, stay balanced, develop a proper stride and body sequence. He also teaches techniques to develop quick, accurate throws for pick-off plays.

Catching Drills - Discover the key techniques to blocking balls in the dirt, making a quick ball exchange and throwing to the bases. Walbeck includes drills to develop stance, receiving technique, footwork, and proper tagging technique.

Hitting Drills - Use Walbeck's simplified "square to the path" technique for hitting the ball pure and true. Learn to change your swing path based on the location of the ball around the plate using tee drills, soft toss drills and more. Also get tips and drills for developing hand-eye coordination, hand speed and proper weight shift fundamentals. These drills can be performed in a batting cage or in a garage using a hitting net.

Infield Drills - Learn infield you can do in confined spaces to improve fielding fundamentals, hand eye coordination and reaction time.

The drills are demonstrated by athletes ranging in age from 9-17.

This video will show you that even with limited space and time, if proper fundamentals are taught to young players, they will grow to be great athletes and prosper as a baseball or softball player.

78 minutes. 2011.

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