Ball Coach Pocket Radar

Ball Coach Pocket Radar
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Product Description

Pro-Level Speed Radar in the Palm of Your Hand

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If you're looking for a pocket-sized, accurate, speed radar device, Ball Coach Pocket Radar is your answer.

The Ball Coach Pocket Radar is a pocket-sized speed radar gun that fits into the palm of your hand, and it allows you to measure the speed of practically anything. The Ball Coach Pocket Radar's ultra slim and portable size, along with its rugged and durable exterior, makes it perfect to enhance the experience of not only coaches and athletes, but fans alike in any number of sports, including: baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, racing, soccer, cycling, and tons more.

The Ball Coach Pocket Radar is the ideal choice for player development through 1-on-1 coaching or self-guided drills and hands-free operation keeps it simple. By making crucial results like hitting power, pitching speeds, serving speeds, shooting speeds and throwing speeds instantly visible, the Ball Coach Pocket Radar is the easy way to get better faster.

Named Best of Show at the 2014 American Baseball Coaches Association national convention, the Ball Coach Pocket Radar is the first pro-level radar gun specifically designed for coaching and training. Powerful features include hands-free Constant-On Mode (put all your focus on coaching and training, not the radar gun), easy automatic triggering (simply hold button down and release when speed appears) and built-in memory with the previous 25 speeds (keep track and review training lessons).

Each Ball Coach Pocket Radar design includes exceptional performance and technology for a wide variety of applications. Pocket Radar products are convenient and rugged enough for everyday use by everyone from pro to amateur, to National Championship winning coaches and anyone interested in speed.

Features / Specs:

  • Easy automatic operation (simply hold button down and release when speed appears).
  • Constant-On / Personal Training Mode provides versatile hands-free use.
  • Automatically finds the fastest speed of a ball.
  • Deep memory stores previous 25 speed readings.
  • Multiple modes include Constant-On, Clear Memory, Change Units (MPH and KPH) and Immediate Shut-Down.
  • Range: 120 feet on a baseball or softball and 150 feet on a volleyball.
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 MPH (+/-2 KPH).
  • Measures From: 25 MPH to 130 MPH (40 KPH to 209 KPH).
  • Size: Max Height 4.7 inches, Max Width 2.3 inches, Max Depth 0.8 inches.
  • Weight: Less than 3.7 ounces without batteries / 4.5 ounces with batteries.
  • Battery life with AAA alkaline batteries (included): Over 2,000 readings in user-triggered mode or over 1 hour in Constant-On Mode.
  • Battery life with rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries (not included): Over 4,000 readings in user-triggered mode or over 2 hours in Constant-On Mode.
  • Automatically powers off after 30 seconds in user-triggered mode or powers off after 5 minutes of no speed readings in Constant-On Mode.
  • Product includes: soft-shell belt holster case, wrist strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, Quick Start Guide and 2 year warranty.
  • Works with standard camera tripods using a smart-phone tripod mount (not included).

From the world's smallest certified accurate speed radar, Pocket Radar has engineered a revolutionary product line to fit your speed measurement needs.

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