Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training - Workout 1

Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training - Workout 1
Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training - Workout 1
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  • Ball handling circuits to make your players better on offense and be a threat every time you catch the ball
  • A variety of basic to elite drills to develop crisp ball handling skills
  • Train your player's using agility drills, speed ladders, tennis balls, basketballs, and other equipment that improves their offensive skill
with Myron Epps, founder and head trainer of Aztec Academy;
Mission Oak (CA) High School Head Coach; AAU Director for Central California;
four-year player at San Diego St. University, one of two past Aztecs to lead his team in field goal percentage three consecutive years, All State and California North vs South All Star MVP his senior year in high school, named USA Today's All American Honorable Mention in high school

As Central California's Top Basketball Trainer, Myron Epps has developed several male and female athletes that are currently at the Division 1, 2, NAIA and junior college levels. Coach Epps uses on court demonstrators along with his staff to detail a workout that challenges your player's and push them out of their comfort zone.

During his first workout session, you get a complete ball handling and agility workout. Starting with two ball dribbling drills, Coach Epps takes you through drills where your players will strengthen their weak hand while maintaining and pushing your dominate ball handler to learn new moves. Whether it's the popcorn move, dribbles with cross overs or high lows the skills taught get more and more challenging. Epps demonstrates how you players will learn to control their movements and execute the perfect move to beat their defender and get to the rim.

After your players have warmed up with two ball dribbling and stationary dribbling, Coach Epps pushes your players through his ball handling training circuits. Epps uses agility ladders, shuttle cones and 18-inch cones to create three training circuits for athletes of all ages! During these drills he emphasizes the importance of staying low and keeping your head up. The drill gets moving down the court as each player uses a ball handling move as they attack a set of cones. By imagining defenders and playing at a high pace this set of drills simulates real game situations. A tennis ball is added to work out to provide even more variety. The workout ends with his Elite Circuit. In this set of drills the players work through a speed ladder and build up their quickness as they also handle the ball. While performing foot ladder drills and dribbling with a basketball allows the athlete to mentally multi-task and prep for challenging situations in games in which their ball handling and footwork must be sharp enough to beat a trap all while looking up court. This variety within one drill keeps the players attention and also continually challenges them. It is the perfect way to build on the skills developed earlier in the workout.

Throughout the workouts the players are challenged both mentally and physically as they build on crucial skills to help them become better ball players.

28 minutes. 2013.

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