Attacking the Rim with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Attacking the Rim with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense
Attacking the Rim with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense
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Product Description

  • Put relentless pressure on your opponent's defense
  • Learn to implement the Dribble Drive Motion offense step by step, from 3v0, 4v0, 5v0, to live 5v5 game play
  • Learn multiple drills that can be used to help teach the DDM and develop the attack mentality needed in your players for this offense
  • Add variety to your offense with set plays that flow into the main offense while giving different players unique plays to score
with Matt Bollant, University of Eastern Illinois Head Women's Coach;
former UW Green Bay Head Coach; 148-19 record (85-5 in Horizon League Conference) in 5 years at Green Bay; 2011 Kay Yow National Coach of the Year

Install an offense that will instill an attacking mentality into your players.

With this on-court presentation, Coach Bollant breaks down the key components to the dribble drive offense, which has allowed him to have success versus teams with more athleticism.

This fast-paced offensive system is relentless in attacking the rim. It puts relentless pressure on the defense with continuous drives into the heart of the paint, kick-outs and dump-downs. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense can be run as a 3-out-2-in or a 4-out offense, and yet all five players are constantly involved, moving, and in attack mode.

With the Dribble Drive Offense, Bollant has given his players a tool to be successful versus opponents with more athleticism. With a traditional motion offense, teams that apply tremendous pressure can disrupt offensive action. With the Dribble Drive Motion Offense, teams that apply tremendous defensive pressure are exposed.

Bollant first teaches the central concepts of this offense in a 3v0 format and progressively adds players and options to build your understanding of the offense in a logical way:

  • 3v0 to explain the basic concept
  • 5v0 with a focus on guard penetration
  • 5v0 using the #4 as a fourth perimeter player
  • 5v0 introducing the pass and hand-off options with the #5
Having established a good understanding of the concepts, Bollant demonstrates the "Blood Drill" that emphasizes instilling toughness and an attacking mentality in your team. Next, coach gives you several options on how to initiate the offense:
  • Exposing a slow post defender
  • Duck-in
  • High pick-and-roll
  • #1 to #4 hand-off
  • Exposing a weak PG defender and/or slow rotating help defense
In a controlled 5v5 scrimmage, Bollant runs through some of the previous options and also demonstrates new ones.

This demonstration of the Dribble Drive Offense is as clear and concise as any on the market. Coach Bollant shows the basics necessary to instantly install this offense, while adding some great extras to help you put your team in a great position to have success.

With Matt Bollant's Dribble Drive Motion Offense, your players will overwhelm their opponents by incessantly attacking the rim from various positions on the floor.

Produced at the Fall 2012 IBCA clinic.

58 minutes. 2013.

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