Attacking the Offensive Ground Ball

Attacking the Offensive Ground Ball
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Improve your team's ability to score by picking up more ground balls than your opponent!

  • See non-contact skeleton drills and live contact drills that build fundamental player ground ball techniques into offensive team scoring opportunities
  • Discover 10 breakdown drills to progressively teach ground ball offense
  • Train the spacing and positioning movements of off-ball players to give the ball carrier options to gain an offensive advantage

with Dan Keating,
St. Joseph's University Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator;
Back-to-Back undefeated conference regular season marks (2014-15);
Offense led Northeast Conference in scoring and man-up production in 2015;
Produced back-to-back NEC offensive players of the year (2014-15)

Dan Keating is helping to turn the St. Joseph's men's lacrosse team into a Northeast Conference power. In 2015, St. Joseph's ranked 12th in the nation in scoring margin and man-up offense, and 24th in scoring offense - which also led the Northeast Conference in all three categories.

Ground balls have become a prominent scoring option for many teams at all levels. In this video, Dan Keating provides his philosophy and teaching of techniques to kick start offense off a ground ball.

Using a progression of practice drills, Keating demonstrates 10 drills that build up ground ball play from individual to group and team drills. He provides in-depth commentary and whiteboard illustrations to show how your whole team can operate with ground ball play, and also reinforces techniques such as scooping and spacing off ball.

Use unsettled situations in the offensive end to your advantage!

It can be difficult to score 6v6 in the offensive end. Coach Keating discusses how to use routine ground ball situations to attack an unsettled defense, and turn these situations into scoring opportunities. These ground ball principles can be used anywhere on the field to not only increase offensive opportunities, but to enhance transition play as well.

Ground ball principles to reinforce your offensive principles!

Coach Keating shows how to build an offensive culture of attacking ground balls with the intention of creating scoring opportunities. He starts with the importance of running through a ground ball, then providing the ball with an outlet to the right and left of the ball carrier in order to move the ball quickly off the ground. From there, Keating discusses the importance of moving the ball to the backside of an unsettled defense to promote scoring opportunities. Providing outlets, moving the ball two passes, and attacking the backside are not only important in ground ball play, but in general offensive play as well.

Create an attacking mentality when the ball is on the ground!

Keating uses seven drills as he progresses from practicing picking up a ground ball, to providing outlets and using ball movement, to how to use a ground ball to move directly into your offensive scheme.

The "3 Second" drill progression promotes not only providing outlets to the ball on a ground ball, but moving the ball quickly. Each group has three seconds to pick up the ball and quickly move it to attack the backside of the defense. Coach Keating adds layers to the drill to create a comprehensive offensive attack off of a ground ball.

Practice progresses into a full 6-on-6 segment where the entire team offense works on ground ball offense and where to be in each situation.

Coach Keating gives you everything you need to know in order to create a culture of attacking ground balls and turning them into offensive advantages!

51 minutes. 2018.

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