Attacking On-Ball Screening Offense

Attacking On-Ball Screening Offense
Attacking On-Ball Screening Offense
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with Tod Kowalczyk,
University of Toledo Head Coach;
former Green Bay Head Coach

On-ball screening is the hottest trend in basketball around the globe. A battery of set plays for each player, playing a fast paced game and shooting threes are all major parts of the Green Bay offensive attack. As Coach Kowalczyk begins to teach this offense, he demonstrates the initial spacing needed. All players space out beyond the 3-point line, with all three perimeter players being interchangeable. The focus for the dribbler is looking to score first and pass second. As the ball is reversed, the options are an open shot, high low pass, back door cut and ball reversal. Used as a secondary offense, at times it is much more effective than set plays. A small change is to pin down screen instead of back door cutting. Essential keys are ball movement, allow your guys to play, take what the defense gives you, timing and good cuts and screens. When played 5-on-5, many of the benefits of this offense are exposed. Several counters are incorporated into the attack and include; top flare, reverse flare, misdirection, re-screen and hook pass. To put this offense all together, breakdown drills are demonstrated to illustrate the most important pieces of the offense.

62 minutes. 2008.

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