Attacking from Behind the Goal

Attacking from Behind the Goal
Attacking from Behind the Goal
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In this video, you will learn how to:
  • Force the defense to cover the full 35 yards from the top of the box to the baseline
  • Use the two-man game to attack long sticks and remove them from the team defense
  • Open passing lanes and make off-ball players scoring threats as soon as they catch the ball
  • Take pressure off your best ball handler
with Marc Van Arsdale,
Loyola University Maryland Assistant Coach;
former University Virginia Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator;
2006 Division 1 Assistant Coach of the Year; the Cavaliers have ranked in the top 10 nationally in scoring in six of the last seven seasons (2006-13)

Introduction by Dom Starsia,
Premier Lacrosse League Head Coach;
Boston Cannons (MLL) Associate Head Coach;
former University of Virginia Head Coach;
4x National Champions (2011, 2006, 2003, 1999);
3x F. Morris Touchstone Division I Head Coach of the Year;
7X ACC Coach of the Year (winningest coach in conference history);
2006 Howdy Myers "Man of the Year" Award;
National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2008)

Associate Head Coach Marc Van Arsdale provides cumulative instruction on how to build an offensive structure that can successfully attack from behind the goal. Beginning with whiteboard explanations, practice drills, on field skeleton offense demonstrations and live game clips, Coach Van Arsdale details the steps needed to teach your offense this vital skill.

Coach Van Arsdale demonstrates:

  • the advantages of initiating attacks from behind the goal
  • setting and using picks
  • off ball movement
  • two- and three-man drills
  • A four-man passing drill utilizing picks and exchanging

Instruction begins with whiteboard diagramming that shows correct player movement and continues with an explanation of what the movement behind the net is trying to accomplish. Concentrating on the two-man game, Coach Van Arsdale explains how to set effective picks and how these two players should work together. Off-ball positioning for the remaining offensive players is also important. Positioning the four remaining offensive players becomes easier to understand when the DVD moves to the on-field instruction. Behind the net movement is defined for specific circumstances, which, in turn, require choreographed movement from the offensive players above the crease. Two-, three- and four-man drills are used to further orientate the players to their position and off-ball movement.

Instruction for attacking behind the goal concludes with clips from actual games. These clips, showing defenses responding to well placed picks, is the final part of instruction to reinforce this philosophy. With each clip, Coach Van Arsdale explains the movement of his players, showing the effectiveness of the strategy. Multiple attacking situations are shown and explained. The role on good field positioning in creating multiple options for the offense and off- ball movement brings this DVD to an easily understood conclusion.

Attacking the goal from behind the net gives the offense with the means to stretch the defense, thus opening more shooting lanes and forcing the defense to communicate.

67 minutes. 2014.

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