Attacking Exercises to Improve Soccer Technique

Attacking Exercises to Improve Soccer Technique
Attacking Exercises to Improve Soccer Technique
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  • Train your players to make effective key runs when attacking--near post, far post, and trailing
  • Set up wing drills that provide players with combination ideas that will translate directly in to game matches
  • Challenge players decision-making in the box with rapid service drills
  • Use possession based drills to improve your players' technical ability as they move through a variety of low pressure 2 v 1 drills to high pressure 3 v 2 drills
with Alan Kirkup, University of Florida Assistant Coach,
former player for Manchester United FC; over 27 years coaching experience including 18 years as a head coach at the collegiate level (over 200 wins)

Possession based soccer relies on the quality and technical ability of the players. Teams that control the ball also control the attack.

Alan Kirkup shares drills that will challenge your players' technical ability and precision in a low pressure defensive environment. Players are taught techniques to maintain possession, effective attacking runs, and attacking combination play ending with shots on goal.

You'll see drills that allow players to practice various attacking strategies including individual feints, player combinations, dummies, straight runs / diagonal passes, and diagonal runs / straight passes. These drills will provide your players with ideas they can implement during match conditions. The focus on technique will provide your players ample opportunity to learn essential skills and develop the confidence to use them.

Both players and coaches will get new ideas by watching this video. Players will learn the importance of receiving on the back foot and using the spin out move to shield the ball. Coaches will learn many new drills their players will benefit from and enjoy.

Successful implementation of these techniques will help your team get past their opponents and score more goals.

42 minutes. 2012.

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