Attacking Defensive Line Play for the 3-4 Defense

Attacking Defensive Line Play for the 3-4 Defense
Attacking Defensive Line Play for the 3-4 Defense
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  • Learn essential rules for becoming a run stopper
  • Avoid coaching the aggressiveness out of your D-line
  • Learn why your defensive linemen are popping up and what you can do to help them maintain a low pad level
  • Discover drills to help you develop the complete defensive lineman
with Paul Creighton, UC-Davis Assistant Coach;
former Colorado State University-Pueblo Assistant Coach/Defensive Line;
In 2012, CSU-Pueblo ranked in the Top 20 nationally for rush defense, allowing just 108 yards per game and only eight rushing touchdowns

Paul Creighton has led the Colorado State-Pueblo defensive line attack to back-to-back Top 20 national rankings in rush defense. In this video, Coach Creighton gives an in-depth look at his defensive line development, including philosophy, fundamentals and video examples of drills that will create aggressive, attacking two-way defensive linemen.

In this 3-4 defense, Coach Creighton's players align head-up to create a "two-way go." He teaches his players how to read and destruct blocks, explaining his strategy from philosophy through execution. He does a great job of explaining the reasons why you should or shouldn't do certain things in this defense. Although Coach Creighton's defensive line scheme is quite unique, there are many elements of it that can be used in any scheme you might play.

In the fundamentals section of the video, he teaches the stance footwork and strike that create dominant defensive linemen. He covers:

  • The "AAKTF" (Alignment, Assignment, Key, Technique and Finish) thought process for defensive linemen. Creighton explains each component in detail and gives drills to become more efficient in each aspect. A player who understands the "AAKTF" thought process is more likely to play faster with less thinking. This process can be applied to all positions on the field.
  • How to use the proper footwork, most importantly the first two steps, to be an effective defensive lineman. Taking the proper first two steps allows defensive linemen to keep their hips square at the line of scrimmage and maintain leverage throughout the play. As Coach Creighton points out, "most battles up front are won in the first two steps."
  • How to properly strike the offensive linemen with great hand position and placement. This gives the player the opportunity to create separation and find the ball carrier.
  • The importance of understanding how to read your key. Reacting quickly and properly to your key is vital to the success of the play. Coach Creighton thoroughly explains the difference between an aggressive block, non-aggressive block, and a pass set.

Train your line to attack before reacting and force your opponent out of their offensive game plan.

80 minutes. 2013.

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