Arm Conditioning Program for Pitchers

Arm Conditioning Program for Pitchers
Arm Conditioning Program for Pitchers
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with Eric Valenzuela,
San Diego State University Pitching Coach;
former University of San Diego Pitching Coach

In 2007 Valenzuela's pitchers ranked in the top 5 in the nation in strikeouts per nine innings (3rd - 9.5), walks allowed per nine innings (3rd - 2.51), ERA (4th - 3.42) and hits allowed per nine innings (5th - 8.22). In addition, two of Valenzuela's pitchers, Josh Romanski and Biran Matusz, were named to Team USA for the Summer of 2007.

The components of Coach Valenzuela's effective long toss and arm conditioning program feature stick drills for mechanics, tube exercises, leg work, leg stretches, agility work and a throwing program. Using elastic tubing, players prepare for practice by demonstrating six stretching exercises. Running, individual stretching and agility exercises are other important parts of practice preparation. Valenzuela goes through his top eight individual stretches and seven agility exercises for you to incorporate into your practice. The first step in the throwing program is the Free Throw Tosses drill with a four-seam grip. Chest to chest, three position, walking into throws (40-60 feet), long toss with arc (80-90 feet), fastball/change-up catch (90 feet), working into 60 feet and feel pens from the mound (70%) comprise the drills that make up the long toss program. Six stick drill mechanics help players maintain fundamentals and proper throwing mechanics. This is the same program that, in 2007, helped propel the San Diego staff to the 7th best earned run average in the nation (3.37) while rising to 16th in the country for strikeouts per nine innings.

60 minutes. 2007.

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