Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Men's Hurdles

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Men's Hurdles
Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Men's Hurdles
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Product Description

  • Correct common errors in both beginning and experienced hurdlers
  • Over 20 specific drills to help improve your hurdlers
  • Includes specific warm-up drills for the 110m and 400m hurdles
with Doug Case, University of Arkansas Assistant Coach (sprints, relays and pole vault);
2012 USTFCCCA South Central Region Men's Assistant Coach of the Year

University of Arkansas Assistant Coach Doug Case takes you through a teaching progression for one of the most physically demanding events in track & field; the hurdles. Using a simple, straight forward approach, Coach Case takes you through the drills and teaching points needed to learn the 110m/400m hurdles from start to finish.

Coach Case presents a series of hurdle drills and demonstrations for critical training areas. Dividing the drills into Starting Drills, Sprint Mechanics, Approach Drills, Clearance Drills and Sprinting Drills, Coach Case and his athletes will increase your grasp of the hurdles event.

Athletes demonstrate the drills in a correct manner, and then in an incorrect manner, so you can visually see the difference. As each drill and demonstration is being performed, Case shares his thoughts on the errors and the necessary corrections using his drill sets. Case demonstrates:

  • Errors and corrections in the starts
  • Errors and corrections over the hurdles
  • Errors and corrections at the finish
Coach Case provides a complete technical breakdown of the 110meter hurdles pointing out the areas where athletes make common errors and then demonstrates the drill that is used to correct the problem.

Clear, specific instructions and demonstrations make it easy for you and your athletes to grasp specific concepts such as leg cycling, proper starting position, proper hurdle approach and proper clearance of the hurdle.

As a bonus, Case discusses the 400 meter hurdle event. He shares two drills: the Left Leg Curve Drill and Random Curve Drill, that he uses in addition to the 110 meter drills. Coach Case then points out some errors and corrections in the event.

  • Hurdle with both legs
  • Step Patterns
  • Lead with left leg on turn
  • Run on inside of track
Coach Case uses his proven drill set to effectively correct common errors in the hurdles. The hurdler will learn to develop better technique as he progresses through the drills.

43 minutes. 2013.

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