Archie Miller: Off-Season Skill Development

Archie Miller: Off-Season Skill Development
Archie Miller: Off-Season Skill Development
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Product Description

Get an individual skill development workout designed to condition your players, chart their progress, and challenge them in a short workout session
  • Create a daily workout that includes drills for conditioning, ball handling, shooting, and competitive edge
  • Teach your players moves they can use to beat a quicker defender
  • Get buy in from your players as they see their progress

Customer Review:
At first I was just relieved to see something so simple and effective. But then, when I began to see players actually go to these moves in games after having drilled them....I became a life long believer....I have roughly 50 bball DVD's...this is the best PD in a nutshell offering I've ever seen. with Archie Miller,
Indiana University Head Coach;
former University of Dayton Head Coach, 2017 A-10 Coach of the Year;
Back-to-Back A-10 Champions (2016-17); 2014 Elite Eight
Assistant Coach for the 2015 USA Men's U19 World Team (gold medal in 2015 FIBA World Championships)

Up and coming University of Dayton head coach Archie Miller brings you an in-depth look at how to develop your players in the off-season - while working on their conditioning. Coach Miller details the strategies and drills they use to train the Flyers during the off-season.

Coach Miller uses on court demonstrators, along with his coaching staff, to outline an array of drills you can implement right into your off-season development plan. Coach describes his off-season plan and how to prepare your entire program for off-season development by having many drills to choose from so your players are pushed to their best every session.

You will learn warm-up, ball handling, and shooting drills along with several competitive drills that simulate game situations. Every drill, whether it is a warm-up, skill work, or spot shooting, mimics game speed. The drills he uses focus on teaching the following moves from any position on the court:

  • Power layup
  • Reverse hook
  • Pull up jump shot
  • Step through
  • Reach out layup
  • Perimeter-to-post

Coach Miller's shooting series is not your conventional spot shooting drill. Instead, using the clock as a gauge for effort and simulating game speed, it is a tough workout in and of itself:

  • Spot Shooting Series 1-2 Step
  • Spot Shooting Series on the Move
  • 3 Men, 2 Balls Drill (2's, 3's, pull-up jump shots, half-court speed pull-up jumpers, line shooting)

Coach Miller teaches you how to effectively chart your player's progress to provide evidence of their growth during the off-season. By charting your player's progress, you will build their confidence for the upcoming season, along with the drive for continuous development in the off-season. Your players will continue to buy into your program goals by seeing their progress.

Coach Miller provides coaches at any level with challenging player development drills and effective ways to track their progress.

64 minutes. 2013.

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