Anson Dorrance: Train Like a Champion

Anson Dorrance: Train Like a Champion
Anson Dorrance: Train Like a Champion
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Product Description

  • Learn how to create a competitive practice environment that will improve players' skills and abilities
  • Discover how to improve your team's run of play
  • Learn drills for developing shielding and quick passes
  • Learn how to incorporate technical work using "active rest" during tactical training sessions
with Anson Dorrance,
University of North Carolina Head Women's Soccer Coach;
22 National Collegiate Championships, 20 ACC Tournament Championships; 7x National Soccer Coach of the Year; most wins in college soccer history, distinguished member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame (2008); U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach (1986-94); head coach of the 1991 World Cup Team that won the gold medal.

Legendary soccer coach Anson Dorrance shares aspects of the game that he believes make a team successful. Watch eye-opening possession drills that will improve your team's ball control. Learn how to enhance the effectiveness of team play through competitive practice games that will get athletes to push each other to improve.

Small-Sided Games
Watch a series of small sided-games that can help improve teamwork on possession and first touch. These are the same concepts used by top-level players throughout the world and are key to playing championship soccer. Your players will get better at combination play and one-touch passing when they practice these drills daily.

System Play
See how to help your players work together as a team while playing in a specific system, and help keep your team's shape. Understanding system language and openly communicating are key aspects of this segment. Learn how one-word commands like "shift," "side-on," "drop" and "step," which are essentials to Coach Dorrance's vocabulary, can help your players organize the team's fundamental defensive shape out of a back three or a back four.

Competitive Exercises
The DVD concludes with a series of competitive exercises for players. Coach Dorrance uses these drills as a way for players to compete for playing time and starting positions. These exercises have the added benefit of improving each player's aerobic capacity and stamina.

Get your players on the same page with possession-based drills that can frustrate the opponent's defense.

79 minutes. 2014.

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