Anson Dorrance: Guide to a Winning Culture

Anson Dorrance: Guide to a Winning Culture
Anson Dorrance: Guide to a Winning Culture
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  • Learn how to enhance team chemistry through various tactics inside and outside of practice
  • Learn techniques for motivating players before each game
  • Get insights into the character and talent elements of a championship team
  • Learn how to organize practices and players before, during, and after the season
with Anson Dorrance,
University of North Carolina Head Women's Soccer Coach;
22 National Collegiate Championships, 20 ACC Tournament Championships; 7x National Soccer Coach of the Year; most wins in college soccer history, distinguished member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame (2008); U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach (1986-94); head coach of the 1991 World Cup Team that won the gold medal.

Become a better teacher of the game with 90-plus minutes of insight from 22-time NCAA Champion Anson Dorrance. Listen in as Coach Dorrance shares the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a championship culture!

Being a successful coach comes from being a good student of the game. Dorrance shares what he has learned from other great teams and coaches, and what he has done to incorporate proven principles of play that can lead to game-day success, season after season.

Elements of a Championship Team
Coach Dorrance emphasizes the key characteristics of his players and coaching staff. You will gain an understanding of the competitive culture at North Carolina and the importance of it for enhancing the athleticism of his players. Learn about the "Competitive Cauldron," which Coach Dorrance adds to his daily practices to boost player skill and motivation, and to help players understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Discover how connecting with players and developing character and a positive attitude can create a championship culture. Team chemistry is another key trait for improving your program that Dorrance discusses in this DVD.

Coach Dorrance also shares the essential characteristics he looks for in a player's soccer and athletic ability. These same characteristics can be applied to any team and help coaches choose players that will be a good fit for their program.

Practice Planning, Systems, and the Season
The University of North Carolina women's coaching staff collects data daily, which underscores the importance of tracking players and using that information to determine roles and positions.

Coach Dorrance explains the benefits of the two systems he uses, the 3-4-3 and 4-2-3-1, and also discusses how these systems complement each other. He also presents the flat-back defensive system.

Take advantage of the experience and insight Coach Dorrance provides on what makes his teams so successful. His instruction will give you a great understanding of what you, your players, and coaching staff can do to create a championship culture!

91 minutes. 2014.

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