Ankle Picks from Multiple Ties

Ankle Picks from Multiple Ties
Ankle Picks from Multiple Ties
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Develop a multi-faceted approach to ankle pick take downs!

  • Learn how to set up the ankle pick from four different tie positions
  • Learn Coleman Scott's "rocker step" used to set up an ankle pick
  • Learn how to convert missed ankle picks into easy single legs, and learn the low single shot that won Scott his Olympic bronze medal

with Coleman Scott;
University of North Carolina Head Coach;
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist;
2008 NCAA Champion and 4x All American at Oklahoma State; 2x USA Junior Freestyle National Champion; 3x-time Pennsylvania HS State Champion

The ankle pick is a highly effective move that becomes more devastating as a wrestler becomes more comfortable with hand fighting and tie ups. Olympic bronze medalist, Coleman Scott, demonstrates his patented Ankle Pick Series, with an emphasis placed on perfecting the setups to finish on either side of your opponent's body.

There are many ways to finish shots, but getting a proper setup is a key fundamental stressed in this video. Coach Scott demonstrates four setups to use to hit the ankle pick. This variety allows you to react to whatever defensive tactic you encounter. The four setups you'll see are the over tie, collar tie, elbow control and 2-on-1. All of the attacks transition from a rocker step - not circling. They are all extremely effective and will lead to scores or favorable scrambles for anyone who spends time working on them.

Over Tie Series

Coach Scott favors the unorthodox over tie to set up his traditional ankle pick. Whether you use a traditional head on the opposite side approach, or your opponent forces you to attack the same side, the key is always to use a rocker step to keep your feet in a position to shoot to whichever leg your opponent gives you. As with most good setups, proper positioning and push/pull motion opens up the opportunity for a finish: cross ankle pick, same-side ankle pick, single leg, or low single leg.

Collar Tie Series

The Collar Tie Series is one that Scott developed when his opponents started studying film and would not allow him to get to his Over Tie Series. Coach Scott presents a number of set-ups to get to the opponent's ankle/heel in order to take a high percentage shot. The finish will depend on how your opponent reacts to being moved.

Elbow and 2-on-1 Series

A student of John Smith's, Coach Scott uses an elbow tie to set up his duck under. Sometimes, the threat of the duck under is enough to act as a misdirection of sorts, allowing you to set up a near side leg attack when your opponent expects you to attack the outside leg. Similarly, traditional hip-in positioning to a 2-on-1 (Russian tie) can be used to first "catch" and then attack your opponent's ankle, allowing for a clean dump.

By learning the positioning to finish a shot off of the several set ups taught in this DVD, wrestlers will be able to keep themselves within one or two steps of launching an effective leg attack.

65 minutes. 2017.

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