Andy Toole: Individual and Team Shooting Drills

Andy Toole: Individual and Team Shooting Drills
Andy Toole: Individual and Team Shooting Drills
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In this DVD you will learn,
  • Discover eight competitive shooting drills that create consistency in your player's shooting routine - and helps them make more shots
  • See pre-practice drills you can use to simulate the kind of high percentage shots found at any level
  • Learn how to teach your players the difference between a good shot and a bad shot
with Andy Toole, Robert Morris University Head Coach;
2014 NEC Coach of the Year;
Back-to-Back NEC Regular Season Champs (2013-14), 2013 NIT, 80+ Career wins at Robert Morris University

Andy Toole expands your drill library with so many drills you can incorporate immediately to see increase success in your player's shooting ability. Coach breaks down individual drills for pre-practice, practice and team drills during practice. Every coach is looking to add additional drills to create the best shooters possible on the court.

Within his individual player workout, Coach Toole teaches his players what defines a good shot. These attributes are ones that you can instill into your team to build better basketball players. Players learn to apply these concepts in the three pre-practice shooting drills, which train them to be ready for every shot that you take in the half court.

Coach Toole uses each drill to teach a certain aspect of the shooting game. The trickiest part of the criteria is the player actually being prepared to shoot when open, which is why he emphasizes footwork and catching form to develop consistency so if he is open on the catch he will be prepared for the shot. This builds a routine that will allow for a consistent shot that will be made at a high percentage. His Attacking the Pass drill puts footwork and catch form against the defensive closeout. Essentially the better catch will beat the closeout and the better closeout will beat a mediocre catch.

He takes that footwork and places it into his nine shot drill, for both inside and perimeter players. Coming off of multiple screens and situations, the player is exposed to various shots that can be built within any offensive scheme or situation. Coach moves to another pre-practice drill, sweeps. This series is another series that produces high percentage shots that are found at any level.

Coach Toole moves to another critical area of the game involving penetration shots. He breaks down the critical aspects of penetration in order to create shots. You'll see his Lafayette Shooting drill that works not only shooting off the pass, but also to setup proper screens and passes in order to create the open shot.

Moving to team shooting drills, Coach Tools demonstrates drill that are tailored to building essential elements to an offense. The concept is very simple and easily adaptable to any offense in order to create consistency in shots taken both in game and at practice.

To end his presentation coach presents three of his favorite end of practice drills, CBA shooting, 22 threes and Butler shooting. Each one of these drills are a full court drill in order to focus upon various shots in transition and the half-court.

This is an excellent video that gives many drills working on a players consistency for shooting on the move or rules for getting a quality shot up in a variety of game like situations. You and your players will be astonished at how consistent your team shoots the ball because of their shooting development and routine you have created in practice. There is plenty here to help develop any player or team into quality shot takers and makers.

Produced at the Fall 2013 Cleveland (OH) clinic.

71 minutes. 2014.

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