Andy Enfield: 20 Quick-Hitting Transition Offense Plays

Andy Enfield: 20 Quick-Hitting Transition Offense Plays
Andy Enfield: 20 Quick-Hitting Transition Offense Plays
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Product Description

  • Learn how to attack quickly and early in transition before the defense can set up
  • Get 20 different sets/actions/versions of plays that vary according to different offensive objectives
  • Learn how to position players in different ways out of transition to create different weak points for the defense
  • Discover how to incorporate Coach Enfield's quick-hitting attack methods while maintaining your own coaching philosophy and style
with Andy Enfield, USC Head Coach;
former Gulf Coast University Head Coach, first 15 seed to ever make the Sweet Sixteen (2013), former shooting consultant to Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics

In this on-court demonstration, USC Head Coach Andy Enfield teaches you the philosophy and plays that reflect his success: quick-hitting and fast-paced transition offense. This presentation explains the most important concept of a fast transition game: getting into the right set-up and spacing just two or three seconds after outletting the ball to your point guard.

Throughout the demonstration, Coach Enfield shares clear, concise information that will help you understand the ideas behind the plays and how to exploit the weaknesses of a defense. Learn how to easily incorporate these plays into your own playbook without losing your unique coaching style and philosophy.

Coach Enfield's high-speed transition offense helps you quickly score on your opponents. Some of the specific plays you'll learn include:

  • Staggered weak side screens
  • Quick rip weak side wing
  • Ball screen
  • Skip action
  • Single drag high ball screen
  • Double drag
  • Wing entry, double high
  • Hit the trailer for flex option
  • Horns action
  • Wing entries
  • Triple handoff into back screen

Filled with more than 20 effective plays, Coach Enfield's presentation will inspire you to adopt his quick-hitting style, or make minor adjustments to your already developed playbook.

Produced at the Spring 2014 Tunica (MS) clinic.

80 minutes. 2014.

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