All In: Elements for Success 2-Pack

All In: Elements for Success 2-Pack
All In: Elements for Success 2-Pack
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  • Make the "big time" where you are!
  • Develop an annual plan for your football program that will lead to success on game night
with Jeff Steinberg,
former Santiago (CA) HS Head Coach;
Assistant Coach (Receivers) for the 2015 Under Armour All-America High School Football Game

Jeff Steinberg lays out a precision plan for building the ultimate football program where everyone is fully invested. As a coach, you want your program to be "the" place to be. This video is a "template for success" spelling out the most important elements for your athletes and the community.

This video features many ideas you can incorporate to get people excited about your program and "make it special." Here are just a few:

  • "Get On The Bus" Philosophy - Learn the steps a head football coach must take to ensure his football program has a solid foundation.
  • Learn how to keep parents on your side and informed on program events. Discover the different personalities from the Arsonist, Coach Killer, to Visionaries and Worker Bees. You will learn different concepts to build bonds amongst parents and pride in the program.
  • "The Night of Champions" - Give parents the chance to see your program up close and personal.
  • See why it's a great idea to have your players go to the middle schools to help out teachers and the younger student athletes that will be coming into your program.
  • Develop daily, weekly and yearly themes - Learn to drive home key messages and to keep placers focused on the things that matter most.
  • Staff Development - Steinberg discusses key books that coaches should read to help in their development.
  • The Seven Attributes of Today's Athletes - Discover why players today have short attention spans and why athletes have a hard time getting out of their comfort zone.
And much, much more. Incorporating just a few of Coach Steinberg's ideas will improve the atmosphere of your program immensely.

If you want to take your program to the next level then this video is for you. Create a program that thrives on more than wins and losses. Develop excellence on the field, in school and in the community!

61 minutes. 2013.

with Jeff Steinberg,
former Santiago (CA) HS Head Coach;
Assistant Coach (Receivers) for the 2015 Under Armour All-America High School Football Game

Don't wait until summer to prepare your team for the season! Jeff Steinberg describes how to be clear in your communication, detailed in your planning and focused on getting players to take ownership of the process.

Steinberg shares his high level planning and drills all the way down to daily practice planning.

  • Yearly plan
  • Game week plan
  • Practice plan featuring the no huddle offense
  • Coach Steinberg details the selection process for both quarterbacks and wide receivers in the spread offense. He identifies key characteristics for each position and discusses how to develop those characteristics to ensure that you have effective leaders and athletes in place.

    Every program has the same limited amount of time. The importance of weekly efficiency during the season is emphasized throughout the presentation. Coach Steinberg goes though his practice schedule and explains how he gets the most out of every minute during game week preparations. By proper planning and organization you can effectively use every minute during game week to beat your opponent.

    In addition you will learn how to:

    • Develop offensive, defensive and special teams game goals, which helps with planning practice and what should be stressed during the week.
    • Create practice plans that keep every player active and involved with every segment.
    • Develop a detailed day-by-day routine for game week to prepare your players and staff for the upcoming game.
    • Film practice and use online tools to make corrections rather than stopping practice and losing crucial repetitions.
    • Create an offensive call sheet and a no-huddle communication system

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