All Access Wartburg Track & Field Practice: Throws

All Access Wartburg Track & Field Practice: Throws
All Access Wartburg Track & Field Practice: Throws
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Product Description

Exclusive, insider, 'all-access' coverage of 2 days of throws practices where you will be able to see everything that goes on at one of the top track programs on a daily basis!

  • Drill progressions to create a balanced, effective practice
  • Use of various weights to increase speed and improve coordination through the circle
  • Observe the common mistakes and use of specific cues to fix errors

with Marcus Newsom,
Wartburg College Head Coach;
6x United States Track Coaches Association DIII Indoor Women's Coach of the Year;
3x USTFCCCA DIII Outdoor Women's Coach of the Year;

featuring Melissa Norton, Wartburg College Assistant Track & Field Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach

The Wartburg Track program has grown into a national power under Coach Newsom's watch. Wartburg has won 14 straight indoor women's conference championship titles and nine men's indoor championships. The women have a string of 17 consecutive outdoor titles. The men have won eight league outdoor titles since 2002. In 2009, his women's teams became only the seventh team in NCAA Division III history to sweep indoor and outdoor national titles in the same season, and earned the inaugural Deb Vercauteren Program of the Year award from the USTFCCCA. The program also won the award in back-to-back-to-back season (2012-14). The 2012 women's team swept the National Championships and set new all-time meet records in team points in both venues.

In this video, filmed 'live' showing 'all access' footage of two days of Wartburg throws practices, Coach Norton essentially turns one group practice into four or five 'individual practices' within a group setting. She demonstrates eight basic drills for each athlete while instructing them individually. Watching as Norton expertly cues her athletes as they make adjustments across the session from drill to drill is as much of a learning experience as any of the drills she shares!

Norton shows 17 championship-caliber drills that cover the three key fundamental concepts that can be used to maximize distance. These drills can be used to develop, enhance, and improve:

  • Arm strike
  • Left side block
  • Keeping the hips up
  • Finishing at the highest point
  • Increasing speed on the release

Drill Progressions

Coach Norton uses a set progression of drills for both the rotational shot and disc throughout the video. By progressing from simple standing throws, through the power position, weighted spins, and finally full throws, you will get a great idea of the framework of each session. The drills that Coach Norton demonstrates can be used to show different aspects of using speed across the ring, balance and coordination to get through the ring, and getting through the ring quickly while under control.

Norton explains why these drills will emphasize good mechanics on the athlete to develop:

  • The power position
  • The transfer to the left side
  • Continuous hip motion
  • Staying shut or closed
  • Keeping the arms up
  • Good balance
  • Speed on the release

Increase Speed and Improve Coordination

In these segments, you'll see how athletes use ankle weights to improve coordination and balance as they develop speed through the circle. Later on in practice, Norton also uses lighter implements, enabling her athletes to apply power more easily through the ball, increasing their speed of release.

Identify Common Errors and Mistakes

Throughout the video, Norton identifies common errors that her throwers make and shares her insights on how to adapt her drills and practices to meet their individual needs.

Coach Norton explains that if the athlete can get to the correct power position, work a correct arm strike and left side block, have a continuous motion of right to left foot, and learn to finish high - it will give the implement more time in the air and lead to a successful throw.

Improve the distance of your athletes' throws today by implementing some of the many ideas, concepts, drills, and, pick up some of the most effective verbal cues used to elevate this team to be among the highest-performing throwers in the country every year!

118 minutes. 2017.

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