All Access Wartburg Track & Field Practice: Jumps

All Access Wartburg Track & Field Practice: Jumps
All Access Wartburg Track & Field Practice: Jumps
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Product Description

Get an 'all access', insider's view of three days of jumps practices to see how they run over 45 different drills!

  • Learn how to create heel to toe contact on your penultimate and takeoff steps
  • Get a series of bounding progressions to increase your triple jump distance
  • Learn how to create horizontal lean away from the bar in the final steps of your high jump

with Marcus Newsom,
Wartburg College Head Coach;
6x United States Track Coaches Association DIII Indoor Women's Coach of the Year;
3x USTFCCCA DIII Outdoor Women's Coach of the Year;

featuring Marshall O'Brien,
Southwest Baptist University Assistant Track & Field Coach; former Wartburg College Assistant Track & Field Coach

The Wartburg Track program has grown into a national power under Coach Newsom's watch. Wartburg has won 14 straight indoor women's conference championship titles and nine men's indoor championships. The women have a string of 17 consecutive outdoor titles. The men have won eight league outdoor titles since 2002. In 2009, his women's teams became only the seventh team in NCAA Division III history to sweep indoor and outdoor national titles in the same season, and earned the inaugural Deb Vercauteren Program of the Year award from the USTFCCCA. The program also won the award in back-to-back-to-back season (2012-14). The 2012 women's team swept the National Championships and set new all-time meet records in team points in both venues.

In this first of its kind video, you will get an insider's, 'all access' look at three days of Wartburg's weekly training program for all three jump programs.

Coach O'Brien's approach is to make the athlete not only stronger through strength and conditioning, but also able to handle the training load.

These drills encompass O'Brien's idea behind "The 3 Phases of the Approach" to a jump:

  • The take-off behind the jump
  • The in-flight mechanics behind the jump
  • The proper landing behind the jump


Coach O'Brien discusses seven training drills on how to assemble a successful approach to the long jump. He shows a series of five bounding drills and two jogging heel drills to explain and demonstrate the idea behind his Three Phases of the Approach:

  • Take-off
  • In-air fight mechanics
  • Landing

Triple Jump

Get 14 drills that can be used as a guide to work on the approach, phase work, and the landing of the triple jump. These drills can be used to develop, enhance, and improve:

  • Running tall
  • Pushing up vertically
  • Popping-up and being active
  • Keeping the chest tall and thinking horizontal
  • Hitting the arm block
  • Extending the feet at landing

High Jump

Coach O'Brien uses a progression of 12 drills that can be used to establish a proper approach, a consistent take-off, and a successful clearance of the bar in the high jump. These drills break down how to successfully run tall, keep heel to toe contact, push-up and pop-up, keep hips high, rotate shoulders, and keep heels together and knees apart.

Coach O'Brien combines over 20 drills that train his jumpers to achieve maximum top speed that will emphasize good mechanics to develop:

  • The drive phase
  • The transition phase
  • The attack phase

With over 45 drills that cover Wartburg's high/long/triple jump training program, your athletes will develop the progression needed to focus on a successful approach, take-off, in-air mechanics, and landing. Being able to see firsthand the verbal cues and coaching throughout the drills, the raw footage of actual practices and the dynamics of a consistently top performing program make this one of the best instructional jumps videos you will ever see!

110 minutes. 2017.

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