All Access Volleyball Practice with Kevin Hambly

All Access Volleyball Practice with Kevin Hambly
All Access Volleyball Practice with Kevin Hambly
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Product Description

  • Watch five live practice sessions coached by Kevin Hambly
  • Every aspect of the game is covered in some part during these five sessions
  • Shorten your team's learning curve with progressions that build from practice to practice at game-speed
  • Pick up cue words, practice adjustments and fundamental skills that will help you, your staff and your players

with Kevin Hambly,
Stanford University Head Coach;
2018 NCAA National Champions!;
2018 Pac-12 Volleyball Coach of the Year,
2018 AVCA Pacific North Region Coach of the Year;
former University of Illinois Head Coach;
2011 NCAA Runners-up; 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year

Ever wonder how master coaches develop a practice plan so that one session leads and builds upon the previous sessions? Sit back and immerse yourself in five live training sessions over three days at the University of Illinois. Follow the coaches and players as they work together and individually to achieve the goals set for them by 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year Kevin Hambly and his staff.

After the overall training themes have been set, Coach Hambly and his staff are "mic'd up" so you can hear all of the direction and feedback that is so valuable to any coach and athlete. The same practice plan is utilized for the entire three days to reduce the learning curve of new drills and to better assess if skills and concepts are being learned. Hambly uses the first day as a teaching day, speeds up the tempo on the second day, and "tests" what the players know on the third day.

This training session takes place during the pre-season as many of the basics are being taught and practiced. You will get to see how freshman setters are being developed, how team offensive and defensive philosophies are being built, how problem areas are being addressed and much, much more.

It is invaluable to be able to listen to these practices and learn how master teachers of the game are communicating with their teams. From the cues given via instruction to the feedback provided during and after a drill; this constant communication is the key to development for any team.

Hambly uses the same practice scheme for a week and adjusts it each day to make it faster and more competitive to increase learning through competition and repetition.

This is an amazing opportunity that should not be missed. Coach Hambly runs a great practice while building skills, competitiveness and, at the same time, teaching his athletes how to be better through positive reinforcement and even positive criticism. You will understand why he runs a championship caliber program and how you can learn from him to be just as competitive, and be your best.


Session 1:
Coach Hambly starts with a setting drill for his freshmen setters where he critiques their footwork, ball handling and court awareness. He moves the whole team into a blocking drill and some faster paced digging practice. He has the girls practice setting and hitting high balls so they are in rhythm when faced with the same situation in a game, and ends the practice with a transition drill.

Session 2:
You will see Hambly teach his team to identify a ball that can be scored off versus one that needs to be placed so that every possession is used in the best way possible. You will see how he identifies the types of sets his players hit best, so he can train his setters to know their players and set them up for a successful play. See how Hambly coaches players to get to their defensive positions, pursue the ball and then move to their offensive positions to keep the team moving as one cohesive unit.

Session 3:
This session starts with Coach Hambly working with his setters. He critiques them through a drill where they are moving to the set and putting the sets in specific places. He moves to a pepper series where the goal is to bump, set and hit every ball that comes into play. These drills place the girls in game-like situations, but allow Hambly to stop play to correct skills or positions. The practice ends with dynamic stretching led by the team trainer to keep the girls physically able to compete at the college level.

Session 4:

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