All Access Volleyball Practice with Dan Fisher

All Access Volleyball Practice with Dan Fisher
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Practice ideas to train your players to think of every point as the game point!

  • Train your players to use the overhand pass to be able to pass to any hitter on the out-of-system pass
  • Learn how to train your setters to run a faster-aggressive attack system to optimize your hitters to score quicker
  • Teach your players to develop better coping skills to bounce back after a bad play

with Dan Fisher,
University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2017 & 2018 ACC Coach of the Year; 2017 & 2018 ACC Champions;
AVCA East Coast Region - Coach of the Year - 2017, 2018;
Head Coach for the US Women's National Team/Pan Am Games- in 2015 (Gold Medal) & 2016 (Bronze);
former Concordia -Irvine University Head Coach,
2012 NAIA National Championship (perfect 38-0 record), National Runner-Up finish in 2011; NAIA/AVCA National Coach of the Year (2011)

University of Pittsburgh head coach, Dan Fisher, invites you into his gym for a series of preseason practices. These two-a-day practices feature morning practices consisting of teaching technique with a lot of reps, and afternoon sessions that focus on game play.

Throughout the video, Fisher makes drills as game-like as possible to keep the intensity level high and the effort and energy level similar to that of a game or match point. He engages players by first describing each drill and the goal of the drill. He then allows his team to execute the drill and providing timely feedback.

Day 1 - Morning Practice

Basic fundamentals are the core to a successful program, and that's exactly where Coach Fisher starts this practice. He begins with setting and serving drills to get his players lots of touches. The video continues with some out-of-system hitting, as well as reps for setters and middles.

You'll also see how Fisher uses hitting lines to train his attackers. This allows you to isolate outside, middle, and right side attackers to teach and correct technique both in-system and out-of-system. Ladder serving drills allow for service progressions to escalate with speed and intensity for each successful attempt.

Day 1 - Afternoon Practice

The afternoon practice focuses on blocking and running a faster tempo attack better. Blockers need to be in sync with each other to slow down the opposing offense. Fisher emphasizes the key components for successful blocking. You'll see short wash games that encourage competition and focused intensity.

Coach Fisher divides the court into three areas. In the first court, he's specifically working with setters on setting a faster tempo when out-of-system. On the next two courts, players work on out-of-system setting. During this sequence, the assistant coach teaches the fundamentals of read defense. The third court is also a dig/set court, with the hitters digging with control and the off hitters attempting to fake a back-row attack and jump set from behind the 10-foot line.

Day 2 - Morning Practice

The focus shifts to defense and the science behind what makes a great defender. The majority of practice is done in stations to maximize the amount of reps. Each station had a different drill or a different way of teaching the skills of digging and blocking.

Your players will learn how the hitter's arm movements dictate how they are swinging and where to prepare for the return.

Coach Fisher shows how he trains a step block. You will see the technical side of using hands correctly along with proper footwork. He also shows you how to train the triple block. He teaches players how to work together to form a closed block and creates few hitting options for an opponent. The last segment of the morning session focuses on serving using the Flean Ladder Drill and then finishes with game situation serving while trying to add pressure to the servers.

Day 2 - Afternoon Practice

Fisher and his staff focus on defensive transition, defending the middle of the court, and the science behind great defensive strategies. A middle has 180 degrees of hitting options. Coach Fisher gives great tips on learning how to read the block, read the hitter's arm, and move with purpose. You'll also see how to focus your defense to play line shots and angle shots off the hitter.

The team warms up with the butterfly drill, some floor rout

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