All Access Virginia Tennis: First Match of the Season

All Access Virginia Tennis: First Match of the Season
All Access Virginia Tennis: First Match of the Season
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  • Brian Boland shares his 'secrets' for getting his players to rely less on their serve and learn to construct their own points
  • Unprecedented, insider access to the first dual match of the season; listen in and watch as Coach Boland instructs, coaches, advises and reinforces what they are doing and where they can advance.
  • Great instruction for coaches at all levels
  • Features Brian Boland, Back-to-back (2011 & 2012) NCAA Team Championship Runner-up and 2008 ITA National Coach of the Year
featuring Brian Boland,
Head of Men's Tennis for USTA Player Development;
former University of Virginia Head Coach;
Back-to-Back-Back NCAA Champions (2015-17) - four championships in five seasons (2013 National Champions);
Back-to-back (2011-12) NCAA Team Championship Runner-up;
2016 Wilson/ITA National Coach of the Year - also named 2008 ITA National Coach of the Year';
10x ACC Coach of the Year; 9 straight ACC Conference Championships (2007-15)

Virginia Men's Tennis and Brian Boland both personify excellence, consistency and sound fundamental play.

In this DVD, Coach Boland allows unprecedented "all access" to the first dual match of the season; setting the stage for a season of self-improvement, steady growth and team-building unity.

Boland provides insight into pre-match warm-ups, candid assessments of each player and their play, offers steady encouragement and purposeful, constructive criticism and then shares with you, the coach, what he is doing, why and where the opportunities for learning for your team can be found.

Boland shares his strategy of training and playing on clay courts in the early season. Clay surfaces reinforce sound footwork and provides other competitive advantages that cannot be found on hard surfaces.

Watch this DVD today and you will witness, firsthand, the focus, the dedication, the pushing, the fun, the frustration, and the tenacity of a Championship-caliber Virginia tennis team early on in the season. The net result for this team was finishing the year (second year in a row) as the NCAA Team Champion Runner-up!

43 minutes. 2012.

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