All Access UW-La Crosse Wrestling Practice with Dave Malecek

All Access UW-La Crosse Wrestling Practice with Dave Malecek
All Access UW-La Crosse Wrestling Practice with Dave Malecek
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Product Description

  • Discover the drills, techniques and culture that catapulted Dave Malecek to the top of the DIII rankings
  • Learn an "Over-tie Series" your athletes can use when they get beat to the inside on a tie and how they can consistently attack the legs
  • Learn Coach Malecek's "Over, Under, and Around" drill to get your athlete's scoring from all positions on their feet
  • See how intense drilling can be key to developing technique and perfecting it at match speed
with Dave Malecek, UW-Lacrosse Head coach;
2007 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year; 2010 Coach of the Year;
Malecek has led UW-L to a top-four finish at the NCAA D-III National Championships in seven straight seasons, including five top-three finishes

Join 2010 Coach of the Year Dave Malecek as he runs three days of live practice at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Coach Malecek delivers a candid look at what has made the UWL program so successful and why athletes love to wrestle at UWL. This DVD was recorded at the beginning of the 2012 season, just before Thanksgiving break.

Included in this instructional set are two workouts in the wrestling room and a strength and conditioning workout in the weight room. Here are just some of the features of this set:

  • Hard Drilling - Coach Malecek goes through several live drilling situations that are both team and individual specific. He demonstrates how to properly drill to get the most out of the technique for each wrestler. Hard drilling is "the right way" to get into the habit of constantly being on the attack for several minutes at a time.
  • Explosion Drills - Malecek spends a great deal of time on developing explosive movement using foot drills, response drills and hip heist drills.
  • Riding Situations - These are "must win" situations. To be successful, wrestlers have to keep their opponents on the mat. Learn several variations of how to return an opponent to the mat and ride him out successfully.
  • Live Wrestling and Conditioning - Learn how to use live situations and conditioning exercises to maximize toughness and stamina. Coach Malecek stations his wrestlers in high-activity conditioning drill stations or on the mat in live situations in order to get the most out of their activity. This strategy enables him to focus on the wrestlers on the mat and fix some of their mistakes. It also keeps all wrestlers engaged so that nobody is standing around waiting for instruction.
  • Weight Room - See a weightlifting workout routine that is wrestling-specific and will help athletes get stronger and more conditioned as the season progresses. This routine builds explosiveness, upper body strength, and lower body power and injury prevention.

Demanding, hard work and physical and mental toughness is a trademark at UWL. After watching this series, you will see why so many young men have been successful at UWL and why they love wrestling for Coach Malecek.

229 minutes (3 DVDs). 2013.

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