All Access Syracuse Lacrosse Practice

All Access Syracuse Lacrosse Practice
All Access Syracuse Lacrosse Practice
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Product Description

  • Get a behind the scenes look at one of the most successful men's lacrosse program in the nation
  • Learn situational station drills for feeding, shooting, transition play, defense and face-offs
  • Learn pressure and stress drills to train players to work "smarter" on the fly
  • See the Syracuse approach to zone offense and defense

with John Desko,
Syracuse University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach; 5x National Championship Coach;
2015 & 2016 ACC 'Coach of the Year'; 2008 USILA Division I Coach of the Year;
owns the best winning percentage (.762) of any active NCAA Division I coach; All American Player at Syracuse

Syracuse lacrosse has a history rich in success and a winning culture proven by 18 appearances in NCAA Tournaments and 16 national championships. Join legendary head men's lacrosse coach John Desko and assistant coach Kevin Donahue for an all access look at their proven techniques and philosophies as they prepare for another season.

Syracuse All Access Lacrosse shows a candid and comprehensive look at four full preseason practices. You will see how Syracuse coaches shape their players individual skills into a championship team. As coaches explain proper technique and proven philosophies, typically to individual players, you are able to better appreciate the details and purpose to the drills shown. Key "Coaching Points" are highlighted to emphasize the most important task and purpose that a given drill is trying to teach.

Day One:
Coach Desko starts the first DVD with a tour of the Syracuse training facilities showing the locker room, Manley field House and the team room where strategies are developed and game films are studied. The first practice begins with team and goalie warm ups. Passing drills start with the familiar Star and Four Corner progressing to the unique "Spike" and "Diamond" passing drills. Three-on-Two shooting initiating from multiple perspectives is covered in detail. These drills are structured to encourages player communication and develop timing for passing and cutting. The first DVD concludes with a scrimmage detailing key game situations including sideline play and face off technique.

Day Two:
Coach Desko introduces you to several of the drills during a voice over segment while the team is getting warmed-up and shares what the days practice will hold for the players. Then we follow the team through a quick conditioning segment followed by drill work. The SU coaches utilize multiple variations on the Three Man Weave, Six on Five keep-away and Box passing drills. Time is again spent detailing face offs. Practice continues with Alley Shooting drills designed to give the advantage to the goalie while building on the shooters skills. Ground balls are covered starting individually and progressing to Three on Three competitions. Practice concludes with a team scrimmage where details on game play are reviewed and additional coaching points reinforced.

Day Three
Practice starts with Full Field team passing. Through several different drills the coaches reinforce their game strategies for goalie clears and efficiently transitioning the ball. A variety of individual and Two on Three shooting drills specific for middies and attack are covered so that each player's effort is coached and critiqued. Goalie coaching specific to defending against shots from the GLE are discussed. A One on One shooting drill is developed into an exercise teaching defensive slides and emphasizing defensive communication. Practice concludes with a scrimmage where Ten Man Ride and covering Inbound balls are reviewed.

Day Four:
Assistant coach Kevin Donahue works one-on-one with the goalies on footwork and body positioning. Later he works with middies on face-off skills. Team passing continues with Star and Line drills for both passes and ground balls. Progression drills continue simulating live game situations. A significant amount of time is spent on setting Picks from various positions on the field and the use of Picks for inbound plays. Fast Breaks, Riding, Zone Offence and Zone Defense are covered in a half field scrimmage.

This is truly a must have video for anyone looking to build a championship practice progr

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