All Access Softball Practice with Beth Torina

All Access Softball Practice with Beth Torina
All Access Softball Practice with Beth Torina
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Product Description

  • Learn how to improve your pitch selection at bat
  • Teach your runners to read the ball off the bat
  • Discover ways to increase your infielders' range
  • Learn how to perfect jumps on the ball from the outfield
  • Get a new mental approach for hitting in different situation
  • Learn competitive drills to use with your team
  • Get challenging workouts to mentally toughen pitchers
with Beth Torina, LSU Head Coach;
4x Women's College World Series qualifier (2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017);
former Head Coach at Florida International; 2x Sunbelt Conference Coach of the Year;
former USSSA Florida Pride Head Coach (National Pro Fastpitch League);
pitched for the University of Florida; 60 career wins (tied for fourth all-time at UF)

This All Access video offers a rare opportunity to step into a high-level college softball practice and see the drills they use to compete successfully at an elite level. The team focuses on skills to enhance individual performance, and then the coach brings them together to practice as a team. Watch as they go through warm-ups, conditioning drills, base-running drills, batting practice, position specific drills and team situational drills. Every aspect of the game is addressed with strategies that you can immediately put into your practice to get the most out of your players.

The LSU practice begins in the bullpen. First, the pitchers perform several drills designed to perfect the break points of their pitches. Later, the catchers practice their blocking and framing skills. The team comes together to work on base running, angles on extra base hits and lead offs at different bases. Finally, the infielders go through their warm-up routine and prepare for infield practice where they work on fielding ground balls using position-specific drills. They also practice coverage of the short game.

The LSU softball practice continues with hitting. The hitters practice their mental approaches to different scenarios, such as a runner at second base, a runner at third base and, finally, with bases loaded. To complete each scenario successfully, the ball is hit to a different spot. Practice continues with warm-up throws for outfielders. Next, do-or-die plays on ground balls and balls hit to the gaps are practiced. The session shifts to the batting cages where infielders go through a hitting circuit, rotating through several stations to practice weight transfer, follow-through and ball placement. Practice concludes with a full team scrimmage.

Day 2 of LSU softball practice begins with the pitchers warming up in the bullpen, playing a pitching game that involves hitting the corners of the plate. Base running follows as players work on reads at different bases and how to react to different types of hit balls. The team then splits up by position groups with outfielders practicing fence drills and infielders working on their range with balls hit to their sides. Full-field defense follows; infielders and outfielders work on "in-betweeners" and communication. In the final segment, infielders play against outfielders for points.

In this final installment from LSU softball, the team focuses on hitting. Practice begins with situational hitting drills that similar to the scenarios practiced on the previous day, that is, a runner at second base, a runner at third base and, finally, with bases loaded. Coach Dobson emphasizes pitch selection as the critical element in success. Practice shifts to the batting cage where the rest of the LSU hitters rotate through several hitting and bunting drills. Practice ends with a conditioning segment that includes several agility exercises with a focus on lateral explosiveness.

Watching this video will give any coach — novice or seasoned — drills and techniques that will push players to the next level of competition.

237 minutes (2 videos). 2014.

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