All Access Oklahoma State Wrestling Practice

All Access Oklahoma State Wrestling Practice
All Access Oklahoma State Wrestling Practice
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Product Description

  • Get a glimpse into the practice mentality that has helped Oklahoma State build a dominant wrestling program
  • See how Coach Smith uses the initial practices of the 2011-12 season to teach the routine drills that will build fundamentals throughout the season
  • Learn what "good drilling" looks like and why it is important for development
  • Discover many drills that can be incorporated into your practice routine to improve technique
  • Watch as Coach Smith teaches the techniques and drills to the team, and works with individual wrestlers

with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach,

  • 5x NCAA Championship coach, 2016 NCAA Runners-Up
  • 2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year - 9x Big 12 Coach of the Year
  • 2018 Big 12 Champions - 20x Big 12 Conference Champions
  • 2x Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 6x World Champion
  • 2x NCAA Champion

John Smith knows what it takes to build champions. Now, Coach Smith provides unprecedented access to the Oklahoma State practice room during the first three practices of the 2011-12 wrestling season.

You'll be able to follow Coach Smith and the Cowboy staff and see how he structures and organizes his workouts to optimize performance for competition.

Included in this DVD package is instruction on:

  • Hip Heist - A key skill that is the foundation for many wrestling techniques.
  • Standup - Learn technical points and drills designed to get your wrestlers out from bottom.
  • Switches & Rolls - Smith emphasizes that 50% of reversals have the potential to end up putting your opponent on their back. Learn how the Cowboys put the competition on their back.
  • Defending - Defend legs rides, claw ride & crab rides - important techniques to keep your wrestlers out of danger.
  • The Oklahoma State Drilling Philosophy - Drilling should not be comfortable. Learn John Smith's approach to drilling and help your athletes sustain their intensity through drilling situations.
  • Strength Training - Watch the team go through a workout designed to build explosiveness which translates into wins on the mat.

Day 1:
Coach begins practice with a team meeting in which he explains the importance of getting mentally prepared for practice. Smith proceeds to teach the bottom position drills that the team will use on a regular basis to build technique and form the foundation for their wrestling season. The drills focus on specific situations and skill development. In this manner they warm-up with more technique than some teams include in an entire practice. All drills build wrestling specific movements and habits to score from the bottom position. The team proceeds with drilling from their feet. Before releasing the team, coach explains the aspects of what makes a good drill and why it drilling is important.

Day 2:
The team uses many of the Day 1 drills in their warm-up and coach reviews them as needed. They then proceed to warm-up drills from the neutral and top position. After the warm-up drills are finished the team works on scoring from their feet.

Day 3:
Day three features a workout in the OSU weight room as the team is led through a strength workout. Coach Smith and his staff share a plethora of techniques as they work with the wrestlers on takedowns. Later, the team has a workout on the mat in a smaller group setting. This allows the coaching staff to work on the individual needs of the team members. By watching Coach Smith and his assistants, you will learn how to provide feedback to wrestlers, how to target instruction to individuals, and how to match your coaching style to individual wrestlers.

Developing positive habits and a strong state of mind is essential to building a quality wrestling program. The drills demonstrated in this video and John Smith's coaching style has been integral in building the OSU program into one that is always in contention for a championship. Now you can use these same drills and coaching techniques to create champions in your program!

223 minutes (3 DVDs). 2012.

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