All Access North Carolina Basketball Practice with Roy Williams

All Access North Carolina Basketball Practice with Roy Williams
All Access North Carolina Basketball Practice with Roy Williams
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Product Description

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look into three practices with one of the most storied traditions in college basketball
  • See Carolina's Open Half Court Offensive Set including demonstrations of each scoring option and counter
  • Get inside tips from 2x NCAA Championship coach Roy Williams on perfecting man-to-man defensive strategies
  • See the techniques and tactics that Coach Williams uses to develop a younger, inexperienced team in the Carolina traditions and expectations

with Roy Williams, University of North Carolina Head Coach;
2017 NCAA Champions!
3x National Championship Coach (2005, 2009, 2017); 2019 USA Today National Coach of the Year;
9 Final Fours;
Back-to-Back ACC Regular Season Champions (2016-17) - 9x ACC Regular Season and 3× ACC Tournament Champions;
800 career NCAA wins; 2x AP Coach of the Year; member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2007)

Anyone who knows anything about college basketball understands the rich history and tradition of North Carolina basketball. Roy Williams grants you access to one of the most acclaimed basketball franchises in the history of the game. In this All Access North Carolina video, you get the opportunity to see how North Carolina and Coach Williams get ready for the upcoming season through three practices during their first week.

Disc 1:
Even with the talent that North Carolina attracts, Coach Williams shows in this first practice how important learning the fundamentals of the game is. Williams breaks the practice into two segments: offensive and defensive fundamental skill development.

On offense, Coach Williams teaches the players the following:

  • Posts work on in-game low post and trail post moves, while the guards work on attacking the rim with hard drives and precision jump-shooting.
  • Full-court team drills to develop the up-tempo primary break
  • The team's secondary break options: regular, B3, Dribble, among others
  • The offensive set 'Open' as an alternative to their primary and secondary break
  • Freelance offense - whereby players learn to play together, out of their offense

Defensively, Coach Williams builds intensity, tenacity and intelligent ball pressure with drills such as:

  • Half-court defensive shell
  • 'Step-Slide' team defense
  • Inside shot 'walls'
  • Challenging 'outside shots'
  • Closeouts
  • Defending down and back screens

Disc 2:
Building off of practice one, the team continues with individual skill development as post players go through a series of breakdown drills from the 'regular' secondary break. The guards continue their individual skill development as they work on v-cuts and curl cuts.

Defensively, the team continues to build their screen defense as they focus on coverage against: shadow screens, ball screens, and flare screens. In addition, Coach Williams has his players work on these concepts with their progression defensive shell drill. UNC learns to 'talk early' in order to set a good defensive tone for the possession.

Offensively, Coach Williams continues to build his team's famous secondary break actions that have been a staple of Carolina's offensive system. He runs through their full-court secondary break series using 5v0 and 5v5 game situations. Following walk-throughs of each option, the blue and white teams separate to work on their options out of secondary and 'Open' in the half-court. To conclude the breakdowns of each offensive concept, Coach Williams has each team compete against one another in the half-court in 5-on-5 live.

Disc 3:
The third practice session is a very competitive practice as the teachings in the first two practices are put into effect as two teams are pitted against one another to promote healthy competition. Learn the importance of rebounding and running in order to implement a successful fast breaking system. Coach Williams introduces the 'pitch ahead drill' which is designed to generate easy baskets in transition. Watch as the team works through simulated 5 on 5 live to learn the options in secondary break. Moreover, the team continues to implement elements of the 'Open' offensive set by breaking down the offense step-by-step.

On defense, the Tar Heels look at closing out defensive possessions with successful on ball defense, shot contests and proper boxi

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