All Access Gold Medal Wrestling Camp

All Access Gold Medal Wrestling Camp
All Access Gold Medal Wrestling Camp
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Product Description

  • Learn to drill moves in combinations to score if your first attack does not succeed
  • Look for feet-to-back transitions in order to optimize winning opportunities
  • Understand key aspects of training like nutrition and mental toughness that are important in developing the complete wrestler
  • Learn world-class technique and an intense work ethic that will set you apart from the rest

featuring Ken Chertow,
Queens University Head Coach;
US Olympian; 3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time. You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

Bring enthusiasm, hard drilling and variety to your wrestling practices. Hard drilling improves your skills over time while enthusiasm and variety enables coaches to not only attract new wrestlers, but retain them.

In this inside look at Ken Chertow's Winter Break Training Camp, you will be given all access to the skills, drills and techniques that win at all levels. In this DVD, Coach Chertow shares many insights on strength training, nutrition, and mental toughness. Coach Chertow and his world-class camp staff demonstrate warm-up exercises, drills, and techniques for athletes of all ages. Techniques include throws, leg attacks, bottom attacks, and turns from the top.

Disc 1:

  • Technical instruction on throws, body locks, and leg attacks by outstanding guest coaches
  • Develop an unstoppable offense from the bottom
  • See how to effectively incorporate shadow and chain wrestling drills in practice
  • Coach Chertow shares training tips with his wrestlers
  • Speed and combination drills
  • Live situation wrestling to reinforce the techniques that have been presented

In this session, Coach Chertow presents drills that can be utilized in any practice room. Your wrestlers will learn to drill intensely using the drills in this video. Coach Chertow begins practice with warm-up drills that teach basic skills that all wrestlers need to know. He puts the wrestlers through a demanding sequence of high energy shadow and partner drills emphasizing proper stance and technique while explaining key points in the drills.

Following an extensive warm-up, Coach Chertow divides the campers and staff into small, personalized groups. From the bottom position, Coach Chertow shows his cut roll and power roll series. From the rear standing position, he demonstrates three effective moves that every wrestler must master.

US Olympic Greco-Roman Coach Rob Hermann demonstrates a very effective 2-on-1 series. Coach Hermann then goes over six different throws and an inside trip.

Three-time NCAA Champion (and former All Pro NFL Lineman) Carlton Haselrig shows the effectiveness of the underhook control tie as he demonstrates a body lock, a headlock, and pinning from short offense.

Willie Hilton, a three-time All American wrestler, concludes the session with his duck under and single leg series.

Listen in as Coach Chertow talks to his wrestlers about mental preparation, goal setting, nutrition, strength training and conditioning. He inspires the wrestlers with success stories of campers past and present, which illustrates the commitment it takes to be a champion.

He then moves back to the mat, showing you how to drill your wrestlers effectively with intensity and speed to help them develop their own style. Watch as Chertow uses short duration, high intensity drilling to train his athletes. He reviews counter attacks and introduces short offense.

Disc 2:

  • World-class clinicians review a variety of techniques
  • Coach Chertow offers small group, personalized instruction
  • Coach Chertow's staff demonstrates a variety of warm-up and conditioning drills

Coach Chertow opens part three of this series by illustrating key points through observation of live wrestling. He has his campers demonstrate highly effective techniques and drills, including sweep double, slide-by, 2-on-1 and misdirection takedowns. You will also see how to incorp

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