All Access Brandon High School Wrestling Practice with Russ Cozart

All Access Brandon High School Wrestling Practice with Russ Cozart
All Access Brandon High School Wrestling Practice with Russ Cozart
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Product Description

  • Features 25x State Championship Coach Russ Cozart, owner of The Streak (459 straight dual meet wins)
  • Establish a proven and effective scope, sequence, and pacing in your practice design
  • Discover the balanced approach to practice planning that incorporates cardiovascular, strength, and mat training
  • Get an inside look at conditioning practices that develop the core strength necessary for successful wrestling
with Russ Cozart, Brandon (FL) HS Head Coach;
2014 National Wrestling Coach of the Year by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS);
2014 Florida 2A High School State Champions; 25x Florida High School State Champs (including 15 in a row); winners of 459 straight wrestling matches (The Streak), 2x National Coach of the Year; 8x Florida Coach of the Year

It goes without saying that Russ Cozart knows how to win. The head wrestling coach at Brandon High School has won 25 state titles, including 14 straight (2001-14). Most notably, Coach Cozart is the architect of "The Streak", an unreachable high school scholastic sports record of 459 straight dual meet victories that escalated over the course three decades! A 2012 inductee into the Florida Hall of Fame, Coach Cozart is also a two-time National High School Coach of the Year and eight-time Florida Coach of the Year.

Follow Coach Cozart inside one of America's most storied high school wrestling programs as he guides the team through a 4-day practice week in preparation for an important 2-day tournament. This Monday through Thursday training period features an assortment of quality drills, technique, conditioning and strength exercises, gymnastic drills and other valuable information. You will learn how to organize your practices to get the most out of your training time. This set is a must for high school, middle school and elementary coaches.

In this 3-disc DVD package, topics emphasized include:

  • Track Workout - Build your teams aerobic conditioning with these track exercises, starting with the 1 mile run for endurance and dropping in distance all the way down to the 50 yard sprint for explosion.
  • Weight Room Workout - These total body circuit routines start at 30 second intervals and over the course of a season increase to a maximum of 40 seconds the week before the state meet.
  • Practice Structure - Learn when to focus practice on toughness, conditioning, technique and drilling, and when to taper your practice down so your team is fresh for competition.
  • Specialty Moves - Coach Cozart shows some of his favorite moves including foot sweeps, spladles, spladle counters, and the chest crusher (a counter against an opponent's body lock on a sprawl).
  • Jab Step - Cozart emphasizes this basic skill as the key for proper penetration to your opponent's leg.
  • Blast Single Leg - Use this high level single leg attack against your tired opponent to send him to his back with a cradle, a turk, or a navy ride.
  • Finishing Takedowns from your Knees - Develop the technique and toughness to finish after your opponent has sprawled on you - drilling to a double leg, high crotch, single leg, and head in the middle (Iranian) finish.

Above all, this DVD will help coaches organize their practices, starting with a good cardio warm-up and moving on to daily basic drills. From there, you can teach the techniques you want to see your team perform in competition. Your team will find success on the mat through repetition of these drills. Gauge your team on what they are doing in live wrestling and adjust the next practice accordingly.

Let Coach Cozart help you build champions and a "Streak" of your own!

435 minutes (3 DVDs). 2012.

Coach Cozart begins by putting the team through a track practice, followed immediately with a circuit in the weight room. From there, Coach moves his team to the mat as they do their basic skills warm-up that includes acrobatics, scrambles, neck work and back arches. The drilling portion of Cozart's practice includes top position work, neutral arm up drilling (horning up), hand fighting, bottom position drilling, and takedowns on your knees from a sprawled opponent. He finishes off practice with 30 minutes of live wrestling.

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