All Access Basketball Practice with Ed Madec

All Access Basketball Practice with Ed Madec
All Access Basketball Practice with Ed Madec
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Product Description

  • See breakdown drills to help implement the dribble drive motion offense into your system of play
  • Create a special culture within your program that will take your team to another level of maturity on and off the court
  • Toughness drills that have made Coach Ed Madec famous on the basketball court for making his players play at a high level

This DVD definitely did not disappoint! I promise you. You will get 100 times the value of buying this DVD if you are a coach.
Coach Brian Hershman, MBA Top Gun Basketball Academy

with Ed Madec, Fresno City College Head Basketball Coach;
2x GVC Coach of the Year, 2007 California State Junior College Basketball Champs, 8x Elite Eight Champions; over 120 career wins at FCC

Fresno City College head coach Ed Madec opens his doors to several days of practice, weight lifting, and individual development in this All Access DVD. Get a glimpse of how has he made his teams some of the toughest in the country. Coach Madec teaches you the basic format of his dribble drive motion offense and their up tempo running game that lead them to eight Elite Eight Championships.

Disc 1: Weight Lifting

  • Build your culture starting in the weight room and translating that onto the basketball court
  • Use a medicine ball to build strength and develop great basketball habits
  • Create explosiveness with power lifts such as the snatch, clean, and front squat

Coach Madec gives you an inside look at how his players train during the regular season to get themselves strong physically. You'll see a medicine ball routine that not only works on core strength, but on passing and the rip through technique that requires your players to be strong with the basketball. The players then use weights to perform a variety of power exercises to increase their strength and explosiveness.

You will see how Coach Madec incorporates the use of a shot clock and game situations in the weight room to keep his players mentally tough and always thinking about their performance on the court. With each set, you will see full body exercises and workouts that allow you to maximize your time in the weight room during the regular season.

Disc 2: Practice 1

  • Learn break-down drills that ingrain good offensive habits for a motion style of play
  • Learn Blood Drills for 4v4 and 5v5 that allow for teaching in a scrimmage situation while keeping play up-tempo
  • Learn Fire Progression drills that work on playing fast with control in the open court under ball pressure

Coach Madec opens his practice sessions by putting his players through mental and physical challenges to raise the maturity level of his young players. With each drill, he sets out to create a special atmosphere and team chemistry and to instill the culture of his program. Madec demonstrates a variety of drills that will require your players to push their limits.

This practice includes drills that develop the fast break, rebounding toughness, finishing around the rim, competitive shooting and operating in the open court without turnovers. You will learn several 5-on-0, 5-on-5, and 3-on-3 drills that incorporate all skills instead of breaking down drills into individual skill sets.

Disc 3: Individual Improvement

  • Develop a killer step back move to create space for open shots
  • Teach post players inside moves to help them score easily around the basket
  • Breakdown drills that can help your players develop scoring options from a specific aspect of the offense

In this hour long practice session, Coach Madec uses stations to develop wings, post players, and point guards. These stations emphasize ball handling skill work, shooting, post moves off the screen, on the block, on ball screen, and king of the court where his players are competing against each other in a 2-on-2 shooting drill.

Coach takes the point guards and wings through some of the basic fundamentals that he believes are necessary to run an offense and limit turnovers. Dribble moves focus on in this session include the crossover, hesitation and escape dribble. The guards work on shooting pulls ups and step backs to create space, good secondary moves that will prepare them as the help defense steps up and getting balanced and staying in the flow after using these moves to prepare them for the shot opportunity created.

Coach Madec demonstrates several full and half court

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