All Access Arkansas Basketball Practice with Mike Anderson

All Access Arkansas Basketball Practice with Mike Anderson
All Access Arkansas Basketball Practice with Mike Anderson
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Product Description

Gain valuable insights and drills for building a successful up-tempo, pressure-oriented attack.
  • Train your team to convert from its fast break into its half-court offense without giving the defense a chance to recover
  • Learn how to implement an aggressive, attacking zone defensive package
  • Teach players to work together in disadvantage situations using the "5-on-4" defensive drill
with Mike Anderson,
University of Arkansas Head Coach;
2009 NABC Coach of the Year;
in 13 years as a head coach he has never had a losing season (2003-15)

Mike Anderson is no stranger to playing up-tempo, fast paced basketball. As a part of the Arkansas basketball program in the early 90's, he assisted legendary coach Nolan Richardson during a National Title run utilizing speed, pressure defense and playing 40 minutes of hard nose basketball. Now, as head coach of the University of Arkansas, he practices some of those same principles as he guides his teams.

This All Access DVD gives you a look at how Coach Anderson puts together practices that push his players to play 40 minutes of fast-paced basketball every time they take the floor.

These live practices take place two weeks into the start of the season and with a little over two weeks remaining before the team's first game. Anderson emphasizes reducing turnovers, getting out on the fast break, and individual defensive intensity. The majority of the team's skill development and drill work is done in the full court with a special emphasis on pressure defense and getting up and down the floor quickly.

These practices are filled with ideas and drills for developing fast break offense and full court pressure defense.

Practice 1
Practice one of this three practice package delivers a heavy emphasis on skill development. You will see time-saving practice drills that simultaneously work on passing, footwork, ball handling, and shooting.

In the Two-Ball Shooting Drill, players improve shooting accuracy while shooting off the dribble and while taking spot-up shots. During guard/post breakdowns, the perimeter players work on attacking the rim and playing through contact while the bigs practice footwork and post moves.

You will see defensive breakdown drills like the "1-on-1 Drill" that works on denying passes to the wing and forcing the ball baseline. You'll also see 2-on-2 drills for developing defensive awareness, while stressing wing and post denial.

The Arkansas coaching staff reviews offensive sets vs. man defense. The squad runs plays 5-on-0 and practices running each option of the play while developing spacing and timing.

Coach Anderson's team also reviews some of their secondary break options while running dry in a full-court up-and-down scenario. Practice closes with live 5-on-5 action with Anderson focusing heavily on the team's half-court, attacking, trapping, zone defensive system.

Practice 2
In this practice, the intensity of the workout is ramped up with a bulk of the session devoted to 5-on-5 competitive scrimmages. Players are pushed to use their skills and fundamentals at game speed.

The warm-up consists of a variety of defensive and offensive drills like the 1-on-1 Zig Zag, which has players guard the ball the full length of the court, and the Medicine Ball Weave that develops strength as they run the floor.

The skill development segment has the posts working on multiple skills such as curl shooting, rebounding, finishing, v-cut attack moves and 3-on-3 in the half court. Guards work on shooting back screens and pin down screens. Coach Anderson also incorporates some 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 controlled scrimmage drills into the segment.

In the 5-on-5 scrimmages, players work on multiple aspects of the Arkansas up-tempo philosophy including their fast break offense, half court man-to-man defense, 41 full court press, and match-up zone defense.

Practice 3
Practice three begins with post players working on skip passing, re-posting, screening, wing catch attacks and passing. Guards work on catch and shoot, one dribble pull ups and dribble hand offs.

You will see a breakdown of defensive skills beginning with proper trapping then moving to post defense and 2-on-2 rebound outlet. The 5-on-4 drill has players

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