All Access Agility and Conditioning Workout for Lacrosse

All Access Agility and Conditioning Workout for Lacrosse
All Access Agility and Conditioning Workout for Lacrosse
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Product Description

  • See a live agility and conditioning session featuring the Stanford University Women's Lacrosse team
  • Learn a plyometric routine to develop power and balance in your athletes
  • Get a progression of agility drills to create explosive change of direction
with Lesley Moser,
Stanford UniversitySports Performance Coach;
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA);Performance Enhancement Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

In this first of its kind video, you will see the Stanford women's lacrosse team participating in an agility and conditioning workout--live! This session demonstrates how an agility and conditioning workout is executed, provides drills you can use to maintain your team's agility and conditioning throughout the season, and you will see how to incorporate these drills in a team setting.

Dynamic Stretching
See a series of stretches and agilities you can use to prepare your athletes' to move and explode throughout the training session.

Develop balance and power using this series of stationary plyometrics. These drills directly correlate to the conditioning needed to be a great lacrosse player.

Low Hurdles
Coach Moser goes though a progression of drills designed to improve side-to-side movement and balance. She later helps develop a proper drop step and ends with a break down for defensive positioning.

Sprint Series
The Stanford team goes through a series of exercises to maintain conditioning. Moser incorporates coaching cues and helps correct common mistakes during the drills. The drills are competitive and will also help build that competitive spirit that every coach wants to see in their team.

46 minutes. 2012.

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