Al Golden: Winning the Punt Return and Kick Return

Al Golden:  Winning the Punt Return and Kick Return
Al Golden: Winning the Punt Return and Kick Return
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Product Description

  • Get simple, sound techniques that you can apply to both punt and kickoff return games
  • Learn a simple kickoff return scheme that any team can implement
  • Learn common mistakes players make in the return game and get drills to correct them
  • Learn cue words for helping players understand the return technique and to create quicker communication between players and coaches
with Al Golden,
Detroit Lions (NFL) Assistant Coach/Tight Ends;
former University of Miami Head Coach, 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching recipient

Known for his discipline and commitment to fundamentals, Al Golden develops teams that consistently finish in the Top 10 nationally in the kick return game. In this presentation, he shares the fundamentals of a successful return. Using both practice and game footage, he teaches the techniques used in the right, left and middle returns.

In the return game, Coach Golden teaches a cuff hand that will be on the leverage side of the defender with the off hand on the breastplate, steering him away from the return man. The "Dog Fight Drill" teaches players to widen their base, take the charge, trail and harass before the high screen and lockout are performed. These same techniques are used in punt and kickoff returns.

Coach Golden explains the "flight line" for the backside of the kickoff return and the importance of covering up the man in the next line as you set firm on a 45-degree angle. This technique is learned in the "One-Third Drill" that can also be used by smaller groups.

As multiple returns are shown, an enthusiastic Coach Golden shows how proper technique impacts the effectiveness of the return team.

Coaches at every level will benefit from this approach to the punt and kick return game. Incorporate these fundamental drills and skills into your special teams this season.

Produced at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

91 minutes. 2014.

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