Al Golden: Play Action Pass Packages

Al Golden: Play Action Pass Packages
Al Golden: Play Action Pass Packages
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  • Learn how to install an offense that utilizes the run game to set up the play-action pass
  • Utilize the fullback, H-back, or tight end in both the run and passing game
  • Create a play-action game off the strong and weak side zone-read run game
  • Successfully run play-action against a variety of defensive coverages and schemes
  • Learn to use the same blocking for the run and the complimentary play-action pass
with Al Golden,
Detroit Lions (NFL) Assistant Coach/Tight Ends;
former University of Miami Head Coach, 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching recipient

Develop several play action packages that match your run game scheme.

With over 20 years of collegiate coaching experience, University of Miami's Head Football Coach Al Golden has forged a reputation as an innovative offensive mind, and in his latest DVD, he shares his most effective play action pass concepts, protections, and ways to attack various defensive coverages

Coach Golden's unique perspective on the benefits of play action as a former defensive coordinator. He explains the ins and outs of the run blocking schemes, the play action pass protections, and the wide variety of route combinations utilized by the Hurricanes. He talks about 5-6 run schemes in a brief introductory fashion. His emphasis is to introduce this, not go into great detail.

He does this because his main point to this video is the play action off of these runs, but you obviously must be able to know the basics of the run schemes. He then goes into great detail teaching the play action passing game that comes off of the run schemes at Miami. These schemes can be from one or two back sets, and can emulate a variety of formations.

Inside Zone: Coach Golden explains the importance of simplifying terminology for a cleaner transition from the base running plays to the play action concepts. He specifically describes the nuances of the 2-back inside zone and the play action protection off of it. Coach continues with the 1-back inside zone and provides route combinations that can defeat all types of coverages.

Power: Coach Golden continues with his descriptions of the run game and then the play action by diving into the power blocking schemes. In each segment describing routes and quarterback read, Coach provides each route adjustment and the simple progression provided for the quarterback.

Outside Zone: Finally, Coach Golden goes over the differences the outside zone has from the inside zone, as well as several bootleg packages the Hurricanes use off of the outside one. He includes the Rope & Lasso route that allows the quarterback to boot and get on the perimeter of the defense creating a double threat play, run or pass. Coach concludes by describing his favorite route package for defeating a 2-deep safety defense.

If you are a running team that would like to incorporate the play action pass into your scheme, this video is a must. For over one hour, Coach Golden clinics his viewers on how to install and implement an entire play action passing scheme in an easy-to-understand format. This DVD is a must for any coach who is looking to install an exciting and effective passing scheme that is set up through the running game.

Produced at the 2013 Charlotte (NC) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

65 minutes. 2013.

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