Air Raid Offense II

Air Raid Offense II
Air Raid Offense II
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with Chris Hatcher,
Georgia Southern University Head Coach;
2004 AFCA National Coach of the Year;
former Valdosta State University Head Coach,
2004 NCAA Division II National Champions

In Air Raid Offense II, Hatcher covers the third key to the Air Raid Offense: utilizing your tight end and slot receiver. Coach Hatcher teaches and diagrams plays that add diversity to your offense without confusing your players. Some quarterbacks who have excelled under the Air Raid offense are Duante Culpepper (Minnesota Vikings), Tim Couch (Cleveland Browns), and Dusty Bonner (2-time Harlan Hill Trophy Winner). Y-stick, Y-corner, all-curl, and Y-crossing are a few of the plays Hatcher shares that can be easily incorporated into your offense. Hatcher also covers progressive reads to make any quarterback successful in this offense.

50 minutes. 2004.

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