Aggressive Baserunning Tactics and Drills

Aggressive Baserunning Tactics and Drills
Aggressive Baserunning Tactics and Drills
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  • Develop four different reads that can improve your ability to steal
  • Improve your base running offense vs left handed/right handed pitchers
  • Learn different types of base running philosophies for different game situations
  • Teach players to 'self-coach' when running bases so they can make adjustments without being told what to do

with Andy Lopez, former University of Arizona Head Coach, 1,170 career wins;
2x NCAA Champion coach; 3x National Coach of the Year; 9x Conference Coach of the Year;
led teams to 5 College World Series appearances; led Arizona to 10 NCAA Tournament appearances; Collegiate Baseball and American Baseball Coaches Association's 2012 'Coach of the Year'

Two-time National Coach of the Year Andy Lopez gives you an inside look into a highly structured base running practice with his Arizona Wildcats team. In a live practice setting, Coach Lopez works on many different aspects of base running including tags, steals, philosophies for different situations, and drills that will help your team stay focused on the base paths and that will help you produce more runs.

Coach Lopez wants all of his base runners to be "technique strong," meaning that they run with their chin up and their head stays with the ball.

The team base running drills focus on getting live reads during practice that can translate into games. Lopez discusses many different pre- and post-practice drills that get every base runner involved and active.

The 3-Spot Drill is done in five phases and incorporates all of the different types base running situations that a team will see. This drill lasts anywhere from 18-20 minutes and is great for working on base running situations and for team conditioning. Listen in as Coach Lopez gives his players verbal cues that help them stay focused on correct techniques and on making quick adjustments on the bases.

In addition to the drills, Coach Lopez shares his own personal philosophies that have allowed him to create a National Championship program, including a base stealing approach that gives players a better jump and a greater chance to swipe bases.

Using Coach Lopez's proven methods, your team will dominate the base paths and put themselves in position to win more games.

69 minutes. 2013.

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